Seeing Ori's condition, users asked- how did he become so poor

Ronit Kawale
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Orhan Avatramani aka Ori often attracts people's attention. He also remains in the news on social media because of his strange things. Last night, when he came out of his friend Tania Shroff's party, everyone's eyes were fixed on him. This time he is neither in the news because of his mobile cover nor because of any of his statements. Rather, he has gone viral on the internet for some other reason. Ori is very rich. He has a lot of money. He charges Rs 30 lakh for a selfie. He is a friend of star kids. He has been their classmate. He likes to party. Whether it is the promotion of a film or someone's birthday, Ori is definitely found there. He is especially seen with actors. Now he also reached the party of Tania Shroff, who is a model and is dating Sunil Shetty's son Ahan Shetty, and attracted everyone's attention.

Ori was seen in torn clothes

When Ori came out, he was wearing a blue and white T-shirt. Which was badly torn. The part from the neck to the back was completely torn. However, during this time he came out smiling and laughing and posed for the paps before sitting in the car. Got his pictures clicked. And then he sat and left.

People raised questions after seeing Ori's condition

People had a lot of fun seeing Ori's condition. They made funny comments. One user said, 'Urfi Javed's brother Khurafi.' One asked, 'Who tore his clothes?' Another user also said, 'The rich are looking poor and the poor are pretending to be rich.' One wrote, 'Was he beaten in public?' One expressed surprise and said, 'How did he become so poor that his clothes are torn.'

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