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Ananya Shroff
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Deepak Pachpor
When the time of elections comes, sensible people should know that no matter who wins, your tension is not going to reduce. If we talk about tension, it is of two types. Where is it seen at this time? The tension of such people who will keep moving their hands and legs in every free time. They will be seen completely tensed. The specialty of such people is that whenever there were Lok Sabha elections, they would make fun of it right after the previous election. Assembly elections will be held and then we will wait for the next assembly. Be it five years or ten years, we will sit and wait peacefully.

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If you ask who are these people, then whatever I tell you, listen to it calmly and understand it. These people have only one job – to ask for tickets. He will be in touch with you from time to time. I will go to the Ministry for you and will file it with the Nagar Palika. Any dispute related to Kholi, Society or Bakhra, we will resolve it completely. We will take the papers from your house, get them signed by the Sahib and leave them at your home. While leaving, he will say, “Uncle, if you have any work, call me. I will leave at midnight. I will reach your door in ten minutes. Neither the drains will be cleaned, nor the electricity will be cut, nor will anyone be surprised. Just place an order.”

Baburao said, “Such people will do your work and increase their numbers in the party. At the time of elections, people will stand in line to ask for a ticket with a list of public works. I will tell you how much work was done in five years. Bhidu, why don't you go and see? Your name will be B. If he says so, he will do public work as per his heart's desire. Some people also behave like this, if someone says so, they will take out a procession with a flag, go to a meeting, distribute manifestos, on the day of voting, set up a table outside the polling booth, look for the name of the voter inside the list and give a slip and tell who to vote for? Such people have no interest in getting anything from a ticket to a ticket. Their candidate will lose and then I will not make any promise to them. Oil has been drunk to get the result. He will wait peacefully for the next election from another Subu.” Baburao said that 'Christians have saved democracy, they have saved the entire power of the country.'

Now you will ask who are the rest of the people who wait for the next election, then let me tell you that people like you and me. What will everyone think that whenever someone comes to ask for votes during the election, he will talk about his son that Baba, whenever I see you during the election, I swear, I did not see the other candidate even after raising my head. Whenever you won, you stood there, I voted for you. When you will smile like this and say that brother my son has done BA. What can I use him for? If you say, I will sit in your office. What should I say brother? He will say that now you will see, there will be some election buzz. There will be dull elections. There will be so much ruckus in the crowd that it will not be of any use to you to tell your problem. Your free time will be wasted. Bhau's PA will give you 25-50 copies of the manifesto to distribute in your society. You will assign the responsibility to one of your workers to take him on his bike, accompany him to distribute the manifesto and drop him back here.

Now what will you do boss? Where will I take Tapori? I will stay with him for an hour or two, ring the bell of the total flat, distribute Bhau's printed manifesto and then go to Kun and drop the workers. You must be thinking that I will remind Bhau once again of the work of the boy, but then you will see that for publicity he has crossed all limits. Now do you understand who waits for the elections? Just keep one thing in mind. He waits for the next election for the ticket, sooner or later he will get the ticket – either for Lok Sabha, then for Vidhan Sabha, or Nagar Palika, or Gram Panchayat. If you talk about your son then I doubt it Bhidu. So be wait. Save some more time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author's own.

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