Sanjeeda Sheikh was subjected to a disgusting act that night at the nightclub, the actress revealed

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Sanjeeda Sheikh, who won everyone's heart and mind by playing the character of Waheeda in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series 'Heeramandi', is constantly giving interviews and making revelations. She also told a lot about her personal life. From marriage to Aamir Ali to divorce and daughter, she said a lot. Now she remembered the incident when a woman molested her in a nightclub, which left her quite shocked. Sanjeeda Sheikh mentioned that incident in an interview to 'Hatterfly'. And told how that one incident forced her to think about many things. 'I remember an incident lightly. In which a woman was involved. I had gone to a nightclub. Then a girl was passing by me. And while passing she touched my breast and went away. I was in shock for a while about what just happened to me.'

Sanjeeda Sheikh said this for women after that incident

Sanjeeda Sheikh further said, 'We hear that men pat you on the back. They misbehave with you. But girls are no less. If you are going on the wrong path, you will not care about anyone and will continue on it. It has nothing to do with a man or a woman. What is wrong is wrong. If a woman has done wrong to you, then tell about it. Because I think pretending to be a victim is a very stupid thing.'

Sanjeeda's name was linked with Harshvardhan

Sanjeeda Sheikh divorced Aamir Ali in 2020. She said that at that time she was most stressed and considered herself unlucky. But shortly after that she started loving herself. And now she has overcome all these things and is happy to see her new avatar. Last year, there was news that the actress was dating Harshvardhan Rane. But the actor denied this news. He had said that he does not care about such news.

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