Richa Chadha: After the screening, I got a lot of love from Rekha ji, she liked my work.

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Be it reel or real life, well-known actress Richa Chadha is looking very happy these days. On one hand, she is preparing to become a mother in her personal life, while on the other hand, after the success of 'Fukrey', her work in the recently released series 'Heeramandi' has been appreciated. Exclusive conversation with her.

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Be it movies or real life, you have always been a strong woman, when do you feel most empowered?
I feel most empowered when I can empower others. When I can help others, when I can help someone in their studies or career or anything else, I feel very empowered. When you become someone's source of livelihood or can give him that kind of skill, it feels great.

What bothers you the most about women?
I have great objection to the society's attitude towards women. News like dowry system, rape, molestation etc. are very disturbing. Every day you read and see such news around you and I get very upset. I believe that if girls are educated, self-reliant and strong in their thinking then they will be able to fight the attitude of the society. But it will take time to change the patriarchal thinking towards women.

How far can you go for love in real life?
No person can decide what he will do if such a situation arises in his life. It only comes up if I find myself in that situation, but I don't think I would be that impractical. I am very practical in this matter, I will not take any such step, but I would like to say that in real life too, I am very lucky that I have got such a good partner (Ali Fazal). I don't think any such situation will come in my life.

You have also done 'Goliyon Ki Raasleela: Ramleela' with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, how has your relationship evolved over the years? Have you ever had to be scolded by a perfectionist director like him?
I always enjoy working with him. They always inspire you to give your best. When he takes a shot, nothing is more important to him than the shot. At that time he/she does not reveal his/her ego. They work very hard and get it done. In fact, their expectations are so high that they don't like mediocre work. For this reason they sacrifice their lives.

What is the best compliment you have ever received for your role?
After the screening of the series, I got a lot of love from Rekha ji (famous actress Rekha). She was very special to me because I respect her a lot as an actress. The role he played in 'Umrao Jaan' is not for everyone, but I was very happy when he praised my work. I was lucky that she was sitting watching me and she liked my work.

Your work in 'Hiramandi' has been appreciated, but your co-star Sharmin Sehgal was trolled a lot for her character in the series, what would you like to say?
I think there is more suffering in this world than these things. If you don't like a series, you start watching another one. Look how many things are happening in the rest of the world, elections are happening, there is a storm in Mumbai. Why are people so useless? If you don't like it, move on. I do not agree with things like trolling and making memes. Yes, it is the audience's right to express their views, whether I liked it or not. I feel that the audience should also give logical feedback whether the actor works on his voice or body language, it helps in the development of the actor, trolling does not benefit anyone.

You are soon going to join the ranks of motherhood with a wonderful partner, what kind of mother would you like to see yourself as?
I don't know what kind of mother I will be, (smiles) but I do know that I will try to give my child good values. I will teach my child to respect women. I will teach him to live like a good citizen in society. These values ​​are very important for both me and Ali.

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