Rich in all qualities… wood makes wonderful furniture, leaves and bark are no less than Sanjeevani herb.

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Sanandana Upadhyay/Baliya: You must have heard about many types of medicines. But today we will talk about that tree whose new leaves and bark are no less than nectar for the body. Yes, we are talking about Shisham, whose new leaves and bark are an excellent cure for many diseases. Many of its benefits are described in Ayurveda. Let us know what the experts are saying.

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Dr. Priyanka Singh, Medical Officer (MD, Ph. D in medicine) of Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Nagar Ballia, told PressNews24 that in Ayurveda, the very soft and young leaves of rosewood have been mentioned to have great benefits. Both the decoction and juice of its leaves are very beneficial and effective for the body.

These are the wonders and specialties of these leaves.
Dr. Priyanka Singh further said that if someone has excessive heat or burning sensation in the body or has fever, then boiling 10 to 12 of its leaves and consuming it as a decoction is very beneficial. If someone has severe pain in the eyes, then extract about 10 ml of juice from these leaves, mix it with honey and consume it. If there is infection in urine, consume its decoction. If you are troubled by mouth ulcers then gargle with its decoction, it is very effective. Apart from this, it is very useful and effective in many serious diseases like skin diseases, leucorrhoea, anemia, urinary diseases, vomiting-diarrhea and cholera. Boiling its bark and consuming it is very beneficial in sciatica.

Take special care on this also
Every medicine found in the world has its own different side effects. Any medicine should not be used without consulting a doctor. Only an Ayurveda doctor can decide the correct dosage of medicine according to the disease and age.

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