Randeep Hooda: I wasted all my money on flamboyant women and slow horses, now I will do dancing and singing roles

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This dynamic actor, who is appreciated for every role in his career, recently visited the office of NBT. During this, he talked about his recently released film 'Swatantrya Veer Savarkar'. Along with this, he also revealed many secrets of his personal life. You too know what he talked to us about in this special meeting.

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Learned patience and agility from horses

Randeep Hooda's love for horses is well known. He said, 'I have seven horses. One or two have become old, I don't hand them over to anyone. I am very fond of them. If your parents become old, you don't throw them away. It's the same thing. Among my seven horses, there are two children too. They are like my family. For me, horses have been the biggest means of disconnecting from the outside world. I have learnt tolerance from horses, I have learnt playfulness. I have learnt to be strong while being gentle. I have also learnt that things that cannot be taught by beating someone, can be taught with love.

My wife Lynn and I become kids sometimes

Randeep, who recently returned from Kerala after a two-day honeymoon, said, 'Lin (his wife) and I have been friends for a long time. At that time I used to do plays in Naseer Sahab's (Naseeruddin Shah) Motley Theatre Group. Lin also came there to help in the theatre and then we met. We kept meeting, but then after a long time we met and we became friends. Then during Covid we started living together. Then a day came when we decided to get married. I had lost all my money on flamboyant women and slow horses. I also wanted stability. Culturally, socially and spiritually, she is the bridge between my passion and me. Together we both become two children and I get the most peace at that time. Since I am newly married, I want to play the role of a husband, so that my wife is also happy and my family also progresses.

building a house in the forest

Randeep told that after the film he is very tired and wants to refresh himself. He said, 'First of all I want to take care of my health. I want to eat and drink a lot without any restrictions. I have spent a lot of time in the jungle. I want to build a house in the jungle. I want to get lost in things like stones, cement, cow dung, plants, architecture in the house. I also want to spend time with animals. These days I am paying more attention to my personal life.'

I won't mess with my body anymore

Randeep Hooda lost about 30 kg for his film. What effect did it have on his health? On this, he said, 'This process of weight loss has been with me for a long time, so sometimes I do not feel life in my body because of this. I would like that I do not do this to my body in the future. In the future, I will do roles that involve dancing and singing with heroines, smoking cigarettes and showing style, that too is a means of earning more money. As far as health problems after Covid are concerned, I wanted to take the vaccine. My parents also took the vaccine and they did not even have fever for a day, but we were told that it is not approved by WHO. I had to go abroad for shooting, so I had to take another vaccine, due to which diseases are occurring.'

'People have started calling me a Sanghi actor'

About his political ideology, he says, 'After Veer Savarkar, people started saying that I have become a Sanghi actor, but I would like to say that I have put heart and soul in every character. If I could not become Charles by playing the role of Charles Sobhraj, then how will I become a right-winger by playing the role of Savarkar? I believe what is wrong in being associated with the Sangh, BJP or Congress? We live in a democracy, I am also a citizen. People take many kinds of stands, so do they become like that. I want to say that I am neither on this side nor on that side, I am just an artist. My political ideology is my personal ideology and it is measured and weighed on the basis of its merits and demerits. I am not biased. I am interested in who will run my village, city and country well. Why be proud of your culture and why be ashamed of being from the majority class. Why put labels?'

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