Pregnant Deepika Padukone's face glows doubled as she walks carefully, cute pictures bring smiles

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Ever since Deepika Padukone has revealed about her pregnancy, her appearances in front of the media or in public places have reduced considerably. However, during this time she is definitely completing her selected tasks. To complete one such task, she was spotted outside a store in Mumbai. Like always, this time too Deepika looked very classy and elegant.

The actress chose such clothes which were absolutely A-class in terms of comfort as well as fashion. But more than that, Deepika's cute smile, pregnancy glow and flaunting her baby bump while walking carefully was bringing smiles on the faces of the onlookers. (Photo courtesy: Yogen Shah, Instagram @deepikapadukone)

What was pregnant Deepika wearing?

Deepika Padukone chose a lemon yellow maxi dress to attend this event. The cut in this long outfit was kept low which gave a Queen Anne style neckline. The joining stitch of the bust portion with the wide strap was excellent. This neck shape was highlighting her long neck even more beautifully.

Pleats add comfort

Deepika is one of those actresses who loves to show off her curvy body by wearing fitted clothes and she looks amazing in these clothes.

The dress she chose as she was pregnant had pleats at the lower bust area, which further engulfed the lower portion. This kind of detailing ensured that her baby bump remained completely pressure-free.

Beautiful Deepika's cute baby bump

pearl drop earrings

pearl drop earrings

This girl, who is fond of minimal accessories and jewellery, adopted the same method this time as well. She wore pearl drop earrings in her ears, the lobe part of which was bow shaped and had diamonds embedded in it. These small earrings also looked very beautiful in the reflection of light. Along with this, she was wearing many rings in one hand.

But the real interesting thing was

But the real interesting thing was

There is no doubt that Deepika looked extremely stylish as always. But the most attractive thing was the glow on her face and her sweet smile. The bun in her hair was adding more glow to Deepika's sharp face.

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