PM Modi's swearing in: What about electoral states and Mission South? Know how many BJP ministers from which state

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: This year, assembly elections are to be held in Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Jammu and Kashmir. While there is a BJP government in Haryana, there is an NDA government in Maharashtra. Assembly elections are to be held in Jammu and Kashmir for the first time after the abrogation of Article 370. This will be a litmus test for the BJP. Then, assembly elections are to be held in Delhi early next year. From its quota, BJP has made 3 ministers from Haryana, 4 from Maharashtra, 2 from Jharkhand, 1 from Jammu and Kashmir and 1 from Delhi.

60 ministers from BJP and 11 alliance parties

Apart from Modi, a total of 71 ministers took oath. Out of these, 60 are from BJP and 11 are from allies. If we look at the state-wise details of 60 ministers of BJP quota, there are 7 from UP, 5 from Gujarat, 1 from Himachal, 5 from Madhya Pradesh, 3 from Odisha, 3 from North East, 4 from Bihar, 4 from Rajasthan, 2 from Punjab, 2 from Telangana, 1 from Goa, 2 from Kerala, 1 from Uttarakhand, 2 from West Bengal and 1 from Chhattisgarh.

What is Mission South?

In the last five years, BJP has focused a lot on its Mission South. BJP has also got some results from this. In the NDA Parliamentary Party meeting, Modi said that NDA has strengthened its base in South India. The way BJP has suffered a big loss in some states of North India in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP's Mission South campaign becomes more important. This has also been taken care of in the cabinet division. 1 minister from Andhra Pradesh, 3 from Karnataka, Nirmala Sitharaman, L Murugan from Tamil Nadu have been made ministers. Two ministers have been made from Telangana, G Kishan Reddy and Bandi Sanjay. Bandi Sanjay was earlier the state president of Telangana but he was removed and brought into the national team. At that time questions were raised as to why he was removed, it was also said that this would cause loss and BJP could not perform as expected in the assembly elections. But in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP won 8 seats in Telangana. For the first time in Kerala, BJP has won a Lok Sabha seat. Suresh Gopi won from Thrissur and was included in the cabinet.

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