PM Modi's biggest cabinet till date, understand the message of the new government in 8 points

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New Delhi : Narendra Modi has taken oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third consecutive time. With this, he has equaled the record set by Jawaharlal Nehru. Modi, who is leading the coalition government, has kept a team of 72 members with him. Contrary to expectations, the formation of the Council of Ministers went smoothly. After the BJP fell short of an absolute majority, the TDP and JD(U) decided not to negotiate aggressively. Like last time, this time too the BJP has kept the key ministries with itself. The government includes 7 Chief Ministers including PM Modi. This will see a better combination of experience in the government. The absence of Muslim ministers in the government and the presence of billionaires and Hindu groups indicate Modi's continued strategies.

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1. BJP is the leader of the coalition

Despite the lack of majority and the need for allies, the BJP's control over Modi's new government is clearly visible. Important ministries including Home, Finance, Defense and Foreign Ministry are with the BJP. This clearly shows that the BJP has dominance in the government.

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2. Affiliates seek financial gain

The TDP and JD(U) avoided tough negotiations that would have ensured increased government funding for their states even without granting special category status to Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.

3. Hope for stability of the alliance

With the allies acknowledging the BJP's dominance in key roles, the government is expected to function smoothly and avoid disruptions and policy changes that are common in coalition governments.

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4. Experienced leaders in the cabinet

The inclusion of 7 former chief ministers including PM Modi in the government will provide valuable administrative and policy making experience. This will prove to be helpful especially for large, complex states. Apart from PM Modi, Shivraj Singh Chauhan has a long experience of running the government. Now its effect can be seen in the Agriculture Ministry as well. Khattar has also been a CM for about five years. Everyone is familiar with Rajnath Singh's working style. However, the Prime Minister's Office will remain the central authority.

5. Eye on the upcoming elections

Elections are due in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand this year. The ministerial appointments from these states reflect the BJP's intention to maintain its winning social engineering strategies. Praful Patel's comment about not taking ministerial posts in the presence of BJP leaders indicates efforts to maintain the Maharashtra alliance. The appointments in Jharkhand indicate the strengthening of non-tribal groups.

6. Absence of Muslim ministers

Modi's third government begins without any Muslim ministers. This reflects the community's significant support for the opposition in recent elections. This may change in the future.

7. Influence of wealthy and Hindu groups

The presence of billionaires Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani at the swearing-in ceremony shows Modi's continued ties with leading industrialists despite criticism of 'crony capitalism' by the opposition. The presence of Hindu civil society groups shows minimal concessions have been made to the BJP's Hindutva agenda.

8. Caste combination

Ministerial positions have been allocated to achieve regional balance and address caste dynamics in Prime Minister Modi's coalition government. The new cabinet led by PM Modi includes 21 ministers from the general category, 27 from OBC (Other Backward Classes), 10 from SC (Scheduled Castes), 5 from ST (Scheduled Tribes) and 5 from minority communities.

Narendra Modi's third term as prime minister is a watershed moment in Indian politics. The structure and strategies of his administration are being closely watched by both supporters and critics.

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