Chandrababu Naidu's special strategy for Delhi, how will he solve the maths with two ministers…understand

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New Delhi: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has sent a clear message with his first two choices to join the Union Cabinet. Both the TDP ministers, K. Ram Mohan Naidu and Chandrasekhar Pemmasani are young and educated leaders. Both have done a great job in public service. Sending these two MPs to the Modi Cabinet is a signal that the TDP as a party wants to send its representatives to New Delhi, the NDA Council of Ministers and the voters of Andhra Pradesh. Both the TDP ministers are also good orators, who will ensure that the TDP's voice will be heard loud and clear in New Delhi.

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One is the youngest minister and the other is very experienced

“These are the first TDP MPs to be inducted into the Union Cabinet and more will be inducted later. However, these selections are significant as they reflect the good work done by Chandrababu Naidu, his belief in public service and education and global outlook. With Ram Mohan, the youngest Cabinet minister at 36, the party is also reaching out to India's next generation. While Chandrasekhar is a first-time MP, he has worked on the ground for over a decade and has vast experience and understanding,” said a party member.

Know about the youngest cabinet minister of TDP

K. Ram Mohan Naidu may be the youngest cabinet minister ever, but he also has 15 years of political experience. Naidu, a third-time MP in the Union Cabinet, won a landslide victory in his constituency Srikakulam in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections by a margin of 3.2 lakh votes. Ram Mohan Naidu, who studied engineering from the US, entered the electoral fray at the age of 26 when his father Yerran Naidu, a well-known politician from coastal Andhra Pradesh, died in an accident. These days Ram Mohan has become a trusted aide of the CBN.

There are many records with a clean image

The TDP national general secretary, who won from his constituency consecutively in 2014 and 2019, has also made his mark in the Lok Sabha. He has previously served in several parliamentary departments ranging from Railways to Home Ministry, Tourism and Culture. A recipient of the Sansad Ratna Award in 2020, Naidu has an excellent record of attendance and participation in parliamentary proceedings and also has a clean image. He has no criminal cases to his name.

Everyone was surprised by making a person who became an MP for the first time a minister

Naidu is already a familiar face of the TDP in New Delhi, but the TDP has surprised everyone by inducting first-time MP Chandrasekhar Pemmasani directly into the Union Cabinet. Chandrasekhar, the richest Lok Sabha MP with a family wealth of over Rs 5,700 crore, is also an experienced doctor who has worked at John Hopkins University-Sinai Hospital for five years.

Chandrashekhar is active in social work

He has been actively involved in social work in Guntur and Narasaraopet in Andhra Pradesh for many years. His father was also associated with the TDP and was the vice-president of Narasaraopet. Chandrasekhar was hoping to contest from Narasapurapet but things did not work out. Doors opened for him when industrialist Jayadev Galla, a two-time MP from Guntur, decided to withdraw from the electoral race earlier this year, citing weaponisation of government agencies. Naidu gave Chandrasekhar a chance and he made good use of it, winning the seat by a margin of 3.4 lakh votes.

Help Indian students in USA

Chandrasekhar is important for the TDP because of his foreign connections and political experience. Not only is he believed to have played a key role in successful TDP events abroad, he is also quite active in the field of education. On his website, Chandrasekhar claims to have been passionate about educational causes since his time in medical residency in the US and runs an online platform 'U World' that helps Indian students train for medical entrance exams in the US at a low cost. Over time, the platform has grown to cover several other courses as well.

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