People were 'ashamed' of a 23-year-old 'fat' girl, beauty pageant winner slapped trolls like this

Ananya Shroff
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It is said that inner beauty matters more than outer beauty, but everyone has their own standards of beauty. Some like a perfect figure, while others don't care about it. But still, have you ever called a heavy-built woman beautiful? Or seen her as a beauty pageant winner?

Maybe not, but now plus size has also become a new fashion statement. Not only is there a plethora of stylish clothes for such women, but there are also many beauty pageants. Now recently one such beauty pageant held in America has come into the limelight. Its winner is facing trolling on social media.

Actually, we are talking about model Sarah Milliken who became Plus Size Miss Alabama 2024. This 23-year-old model won the title but now she is being trolled due to obesity. To which this beauty has given a befitting reply and slapped everyone. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @thenamalmiss)

First know about Sara

Sarah is from Atmore City, Alabama. She has participated twice before winning the Memorial Day competition in the National American Miss program in 2024. She first participated in the Junior Teen group at the age of 15 and then tried again at the age of 16. But, she failed both times.

Not only has Sarah won the Presidential Service Award, but she is also the host of the Girls Gotta Glow podcast. In 2020, she founded her own organization 'The Buddy System', which promotes friendship between people.

People making fun of my weight

Ever since Sarah became the plus size Miss Alabama, people have been criticizing her. Some said that Sarah's victory promotes unhealthy lifestyle, while some called her an embarrassment for her city. Some people are even questioning her beauty. One wrote, “Sarah's victory is a slap on the face of those young girls who keep themselves fit. She is fat and unhealthy.”

Sarah said this

Sarah said this

Sara slammed trolls for defaming her for obesity and said that whatever people write online has a deep impact on others. That's why she lets the negative comments affect her for only 5 minutes. After that, she doesn't waste her time reading them. She says, “My condition hasn't worsened yet, but many people get upset by trolling and take the wrong step.”

I decided to fight instead of hiding myself

I decided to fight instead of hiding myself

Sara believes that the things that were said about her are extremely shameful. Now it would have been easy for her to give up and hide her face. Not only this, she could have stopped posting on social media and returned her title. But, she is determined to fulfill her dreams. Now she will prove to those who question her why plus size women can also become beauty pageant winners.

In such a situation, instead of leaving his dreams behind, a person should take steps towards fulfilling them.

I will never give up my dream again

I will never give up my dream again

Sara says, “Someone said so much about me that I left this dream behind for 6 years, but not anymore.” So now she wants to show those who say bad things about her that how she will proudly fulfill her dreams by holding her head high.

Sara standing up for herself like this and answering everyone also fills girls with confidence.

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