Agniveer, what will be JDU's stand on UCC? JDU has told everything clearly

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Narendra Modi will take oath as Prime Minister for the third time on Sunday. Meanwhile, JDU leader KC Tyagi said that the Bharat Alliance is still trying to woo Nitish Kumar, but he has turned down the offer. KC Tyagi said that those who did not make Nitish Kumar the national convener of the Bharat Alliance are now talking about the post of Prime Minister. He said that we do not want to fall into that trap. Along with this, KC Tyagi said that as long as his party is in the NDA alliance, no anti-Muslim or anti-minority campaign will be allowed.

In an interview to Red Mike, KC Tyagi, on the question related to Mangalsutra and Muslims, said that this was during the elections and it should be forgotten. He said that Kishanganj has more than 65 percent Muslim voters but there, not Owaisi's party but JDU's candidate came second. People have faith in Nitish Kumar. As long as we are here, no anti-Muslim, anti-minority campaign will run. He also said that we are against Muslim reservation on the basis of religion, no matter which religion they belong to.

This time there is more bondage in the alliance, what is JDU's stand. KC Tyagi said that this is not the first time we are in NDA. Atal ji's 14-day government was gone, after that BJP and we felt that there should be an alliance. Then NDA was formed. George Fernandes was its convenor, Atal ji was its president. George Fernandes was also the Defense Minister. At that time also there were some questions between us and BJP but the then NDA leaders found a proper solution to it. Our NDA government in Bihar is years old. This is not the first time we are in alliance with BJP.

There is a lot of resentment over the issue of Agniveer being raised in the elections. In response to this question, KC Tyagi said that he had heard Rajnath Singh's statement during the elections. Whatever suggestions or proposals come to us on this issue, we will definitely give those suggestions to Rajnath Singh. Regarding UCC, KC Tyagi said that nothing should be imposed. All the Chief Ministers should discuss this together.

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