Parents should not say these words to their child even by mistake as it can break his/her heart.

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Parents these days understand very well that raising children is not an easy task and there are many challenges in this journey. Words have a lot of power and if these words come out of the mouth of parents, their power increases even more.

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Whatever we say or say has a long-term impact on our child and it can also affect his self-esteem. This is why experts often advise parents to speak thoughtfully. Here we are telling you about some such things or words which parents should not say to their children.

Say in anger, stop crying

Telling an angry child to stop crying may seem like a quick solution, but it can actually be harmful. Research published in the journal 'Emotion' suggests that ignoring a child's feelings can make them feel invalid and wrong. Instead, acknowledge their feelings and help them understand their emotions.

Say something like, “I see you’re very upset, can you tell me what’s wrong?” These words encourage the child to express himself and learn to handle emotions.

was forced to apologise

Forcing a child to apologize is wrong. This can reduce the child's sense of empathy. Children need to understand why their actions were wrong and realize their mistake, only then can they apologize sincerely. Instead of demanding an immediate apology, take them out of the situation and explain why their actions were hurtful.

You are not like your siblings

It is wrong to make comparisons between your children. A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that sibling comparisons can lead to rivalry, low self-esteem, and strained relationships between siblings. Every child is different, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Focus on encouraging their individual talents and supporting their personal development.

I won't talk to you again

Threatening to stop loving or talking can be very traumatic for a child. Such statements can cause anxiety and fear of abandonment. Children need to feel secure in their relationship with their parents. Instead of making threats, focus on constructive discipline.

you are right

It's important to praise and encourage your children, but telling them they are perfect can create unrealistic expectations for them and prevent them from learning from their mistakes. Excessive praise can lead to a fixed mindset, where children believe they have certain powers.

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