Election Commission released voting data of all five phases, reprimanded those who spread 'wrong narrative'

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New Delhi: The Election Commission on Saturday presented the final figures for the last five phases of elections. The figures have been released regarding how many percent of people voted in which Lok Sabha constituency in the last five phases of elections. During this, the Election Commission said that some misleading things have been spread about the vote percentage. The Election Commission has issued a press release saying that no change is possible in the vote polling percentage (number) in any way. The Supreme Court had refused to give directions on the petition of petitioner ADR in which the petitioner had said that the final figures of voting in the elections should be made public and polling station-wise figures should be made public. A day after the Supreme Court's order on Friday, the Election Commission on Saturday released the Lok Sabha constituency-wise figures for the last five phases of elections.

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'Voting numbers cannot be changed under any circumstances'
The Commission said that it has decided that the polling percentage data will be made public more widely and thus the Election Commission has decided to release the polling data of the last five phases Lok Sabha constituency wise. Under this, the total number and percentage of votes cast in each Lok Sabha constituency in the five phases where elections were held have been made public. The Election Commission has said that this process is very transparent and there is no irregularity in it. The authorized agents of all the candidates are being given 17C Form polling booth wise. There are a total of 10.5 lakh polling stations across the country. The polling number in Form 17C cannot be changed under any circumstances and this data remains with the candidate. The candidate and his agent are allowed to take this Form 17C to the counting center.

'Misleading the electoral process has become a norm'
The Election Commission has said that the constituency-wise data of all the five phases of Lok Sabha elections has been made public. It also said that it has become a pattern that misleading information is always being spread about the electoral process. There is no possibility of any change in the number of votes cast. The Election Commission said that after the Supreme Court gave its order in this matter, the Commission is feeling stronger and its responsibility increases even more in the democratic electoral process.

Election Commission released polling percentage data for five phases

  • Stage 1: 66.14 percent
  • Phase 2: 66.71 percent
  • Stage 3: 65.68 percent
  • Stage 4: 69.16 percent
  • Stage 5: 62.20 percent

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