Paparazzi exposed South superstars, called their simplicity and humility a 'pretense', told stories

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We all are fans of the simplicity and decency of South cinema actors. Be it Jr NTR, Vijay Deverakonda or Mahesh Babu. But celebrity photographer and veteran paparazzi Varinder Chawla has made some revelations which are shocking. He has said in an interview that these South stars are not as humble in real life as they look or show. Varinder Chawla has even said that some South stars do 'fakeness' and all their simplicity is only for the camera. In the last few years, especially after the Corona epidemic and the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, interest in South stars has increased even in the Hindi belt. Due to the debate of insider and outsider, many viewers have become disillusioned with Bollywood, while South films made bumper records due to their release in Hindi. Due to this, Bollywood stars started being compared with South superstars. Especially the simplicity and decency of the stars of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada industry started being praised. But now the kind of revelations Varinder Chawla has made are going to break the hearts of the fans.

'He is showing off, he has come wearing slippers to show off'

In an interview given to 'Hindi Rush', Varinder Chawla was asked about the social media image of South stars. On this, he mentioned Vijay Deverakonda to Junior NTR and told how these stars lose their temper. He said, 'Honestly, I think those people pretend. They do this only for the camera. There was an actor who used to pretend to be polite in front of the camera by wearing slippers during the promotion of the film.' When Varinder Chawla was asked if he was talking about Vijay Deverakonda, he nodded and answered 'yes'.
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These South stars remain calm in front of the camera, but are angry behind the camera

He further said, 'Recently my team shot a video of a big South star, who is usually very calm. He was going inside the hotel, when he attacked a member of my team badly. But I did not share that video. But some other photographer uploaded it.' Varinder Chawla did not take the name of Junior NTR while saying this, but recently a similar video of him filled with anger surfaced on social media.

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Mahesh Babu was also mentioned, the statement was called fake

Varinder Chawla further spoke about Mahesh Babu and how the Telugu superstar once dismissed Bollywood in the presence of the media. He says that the incident happened during an event of the film 'Major'. Mahesh Babu was in Bangalore to attend it. He was openly saying that we don't need Bollywood. Chawla said, 'I thought what kind of attitude is this? I think it is more of imitation. These stars compare themselves to Bollywood… but at least Bollywood actors don't say such false things or pretend like this. If Hindi stars are getting angry, they express it publicly.'

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