Papa you are a liar… Every father tells these 5 lies to his child

Ananya Shroff
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Dad is the superhero of a child's childhood. A character that the child dreams of becoming like. But when he grows up, he realizes that dad is not much different from others. The only difference is that while playing the role of a father, he does such things which are not possible for everyone. These also include the lies that dad tells his children.

When someone's lie is exposed, the mind fills with anger and one feels like breaking the relationship with him, but on the contrary, when we come to know about the lies of our father which he told us in childhood, the mind fills with love. What are those lies after knowing which our respect and affection towards our father increases, let us tell you too.

I am fine

My father is the strongest. In childhood, we all feel very proud to say this. For us, father is no less than a superhero. Because even in the biggest difficulties or challenges, he always stands strong and takes the family out of difficult times.

This has no effect on Papa because he himself says that 'I am fine.' But when we grow up, we understand that all this was a pretense.

We start to understand that fathers are also normal human beings, who feel sad, feel pain, they also get upset, they also feel like losing hope, but they always show themselves to be strong for their children and family.

hey this is ok for me

Papa I want this doll, Papa I want a new bottle, Papa I want a new bag too, get me this new phone too… Children make so many demands from their father without realising how many sacrifices they themselves make to fulfil these wishes.

Even if his own shirt has become old, he still buys new clothes for his children. To make his children keep up with the modern times he also buys them expensive mobile phones and even for his phone with a broken screen he says 'It is fine for me, who should I show it to'.

It is common for Papa to fulfill his desires by lying and sacrificing his hobbies.

Do whatever you want to do, if you get stuck I won't come to save you

Do whatever you want to do, if you get stuck I won't come to save you

The biggest threat and lie of a father is that 'If you get into trouble, I will not come to save you.' But when the child actually gets into trouble, even if it is due to his own arbitrary decision, the father always rushes to save him.

They do not even care about their self-respect and if needed, they bow their heads and forgive for the child.

mom is right

mom is right

Papa, you always support your mother. God knows how many children must have such complaints. But the truth is that there is an important reason behind this.

Dad might not agree with mom, but he will never blame her in front of the kids, even if he has to lie to do so.

Even if he later talks to his wife and finds a middle ground, he will maintain his mother's respect in front of the children. By doing this, he also fulfills his responsibility as a husband.

oh it's over

oh it's over

I want to eat more chocolate… oh it's finished, I want to drink more cold drink… that's finished, I want to check my mobile again… but the battery is dead, now I will check it after some time.

Even if the fridge has lots of chocolates, cold drinks and the mobile is charged, Papa says 'Sab Khaat Khaota Gaya'. He uses these words in many other situations too.

The biggest reason behind this lie is to stop the child from doing too much and to reduce his stubbornness. We understand this only when we grow up or become parents ourselves.

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