Now cricket players earn in crores, once they used to get one rupee for playing a test.

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it The 17th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) ended on a high note. In the IPL final on Sunday, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in a one-sided match to win the trophy. The KKR team, which won the IPL title for the third time, received a prize money of Rs 20 crore. Sunrisers Hyderabad's dream of winning the title was shattered, but after becoming the runner-up, the team received a prize money of Rs 13 crore. If we look at the fees paid to the players in the IPL, that too is enough to make them rich. By the way, Mitchell Starc was the most expensive player this season. This Australian player was bought by KKR for Rs 24.70 crore. By the way, whenever there is an auction of players, Indians remain in the news. Teams are eager to add them to their team by paying crores and lakhs of rupees. Not only this, there are many players playing international and domestic cricket in India. But did you know that times were not always like this for cricketers? There was a time in the 40s when Indian cricketers used to get one rupee for playing a Test match.

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First I got one rupee, then five rupees
Madhav Apte, who played for the Indian team in the 40s, had said in a function to mark the completion of 75 years of BCCI that when the Indian team played in the 40s, Indian cricketers used to get one rupee for playing Test matches. This amount was also given as laundry allowance. So that he could keep his white dress clean. After this, this amount was increased to five rupees per Test match. At that time he used to travel by train and not by ship. Then the match fee increased to five rupees. Around 1955, Indian cricketers started getting 250 rupees. Many times BCCI did not even have money to pay match fees to the cricketers.

Traveling by train and staying in ordinary hotels
At that time cricketers used to travel by train. They were put up in ordinary hotels. Now, on the contrary, players travel by plane. They stay in five star hotels. Till the 70s, Indian cricketers used to get around Rs 2,000 for every match. In the 80s, the fee per Test match reached five thousand to ten thousand rupees.

The indenture system made the rich
The match fees of the players kept on increasing continuously, but On 1 October 2004, when BCCI implemented the cricketer contract system for the first time, players started receiving huge amounts of money in their accounts. Then the grade system was offered to 17 top players of the country. Seven cricketers including Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid were given A grade. Seven got B grade and three got C grade.

Then the amount to be paid in each grade was
Grade A – Rs 50 lakh
Grade B – Rs 35 lakh
Grade C – Rs 20 lakh
Along with this, the fees given to the cricketers in the match at that time were as follows
Test matches – Rs 2 lakh (Rs 2.4 lakh overseas)
Per day expenses: Rs 1.6 lakh (Rs 1.85 lakh abroad)

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Then 7 crore rupees started coming in the contract
With time, BCCI also increased the contract system. Looking at the performance and status of the cricketers, it was decided to give A+ special grade to some cricketers. Under which cricketers are being given Rs 7 crore annually. The salary was increased by more than three times.
Grade A Plus – Rs 07 crore
Grade A – Rs.05 Crore (Previous contract amount Rs.02 Crore)
Grade B – Rs.03 Crore (Previous contract amount Rs.01 Crore)
Grade C – Rs 01 crore (Previous contract amount Rs 50 lakh)
Apart from this, a cricketer started getting Rs 15 lakh for playing Test matches and Rs 6 lakh for playing one-day and T-20 matches.

Now you will get 45 lakh rupees per test!
To increase the enthusiasm of young players towards Test cricket, BCCI has increased the Test fees this year. Players who play more than 7 Tests in every season will be given up to Rs 45 lakh per match. Earlier, Indian cricketers were given Rs 15 lakh for playing one Test. In such a situation, cricketers who play regular Tests will get a big benefit under the new scheme. Especially those cricketers who play only Test cricket. If a cricketer plays 4 or less Tests in a season, then he will not be given anything other than the fixed payment. Whether he is in the playing 11 or not. If a cricketer plays 5 to 6 matches in a season, then he will get Rs 30 lakh if ​​he is in the playing 11. If he is not in the playing 11, then Rs 15 lakh. If a cricketer plays more than 75 percent of the matches in a season i.e. at least 7 Tests, then if he is in the playing 11, then he will be given Rs 45 lakh per Test and if he is not in the playing 11, then he will be given Rs 22.5 lakh per match. This is the reason why today every youth of the country aspires to become a cricketer.

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