Nitish belongs to everyone… Why is BJP giving so much importance to the Chief Minister of Bihar?

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Nitish Kumar has once again come to the center of the country's politics. Nitish Kumar, who was being described as almost finished in Bihar till yesterday, will now decide the direction of not just one state but the new government of the country to a large extent. After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the politics within the NDA has taken a 360 degree turn. Not only the opposition but some BJP leaders were also saying that this is Nitish Kumar's last term. Now on Thursday, the state president of Bihar BJP said that the NDA will fight the next election of the state under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. BJP is far from the majority and it does not even have enough seats to form the government on its own. One thing is clear that even those who cannot read politics closely will say that BJP has bowed down to Nitish due to less seats. However, there is another picture contrary to this which will tell what is the compulsion of BJP. Nitish belongs to everyone… If this is said, then there is nothing wrong in it. Why this is so can be understood from the statements of the leaders of the Bharat Gathbandhan. Yesterday, when Nitish came to Delhi, Tejashwi Yadav was also with him in the flight. As soon as this picture appeared in the media, the political temperature rose rapidly like the rising mercury in June. Various speculations started to be made. Although there was a pause but not a full stop. All the leaders of the Bharat Alliance are looking impatient to welcome Nitish. From the Deputy PM to God knows what all is being said, he is going to give him.

BJP also knows what Nitish Kumar, a master player of politics, can do. Why Nitish is at the center can be understood in this way. It can be called a coincidence, perhaps nothing else. It was the month of June, when Nitish Kumar was at the center in the meeting of opposition parties in Patna last year. He was the pivot of the opposition parties and exactly one year later, the same Nitish is at the center of NDA in the same month of June. Nitish Kumar's importance can be gauged from this.

This time BJP has suffered a setback in the elections in UP and after this there are many questions. The statement that has come out from Bihar BJP can also be understood as the compulsion of the party. Bihar BJP has announced to fight the 2025 elections under the leadership of Nitish Kumar. Bihar BJP Chief Samrat Chaudhary announced this. BJP does not have a majority figure on its own at the Center. In such a situation, the stature of JDU Chief Nitish Kumar has increased from Bihar to Delhi.

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