NEET: Why did students get more marks this year, NTA told the formula for NEET result

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NEET Latest News in Hindi: The result of medical entrance exam NEET-UG 2024 has been the best in the last five years, a major reason for which is that this time the paper was easier than in previous years. The National Testing Agency (NTA) says that when the paper is easy, the average marks also increase and the cutoff also increases. The same has been seen in the 2024 result. Along with this, this time the highest ever 23.33 lakh students appeared in the exam.

NEET 2024: What was its fees? Well Average marks

In a detailed report released by NTA regarding the result, it has been told that this year the average marks out of 720 are 323.55. In 2020 it was 297.18. The minimum cutoff or score to qualify NEET in the general category is 164. This score was 137 in 2023. In the previous three years, this score was 117, 138 and 147 in 2020.

A senior NTA official said that the year the paper is a little difficult, the cutoff goes down, but this time the reason for the high cutoff and high scoring students is the record number of students appearing for the exam and the paper being easy.

NEET Grace Marks: Marks awarded due to wastage of time

NTA has stated in its report that after the paper on 5 May 2024, some students had filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana, Delhi and Chhattisgarh High Court complaining about wasting time in the exam. After which NTA formed a high power committee. The committee watched the CCTV footage of all those centers and gave its report after looking at all the aspects. After the report of the committee, grace marks were given to 1563 students. After which the marks of these students ranged from -20 to 720.

NEET Topper: This is how the NEET topper list was made

NTA received 13373 challenges in a Physics question, as the old and new NCERT books had different answers. Because of this, NTA had to accept both the options as correct. NTA says that out of 67 candidates who got 720 marks, 44 are those who got marks due to revision in the answer key. While 6 got grace marks due to wastage of time. While 17 candidates had already got 720 marks originally.

From the paper being easy to multiple toppers from one exam centre, all the issues were raised on social media. Responding to all these questions, a senior NTA official has said that there is no discrepancy in the result and the result is correct on all parameters. All the misleading news coming on social media has been answered in this detailed report of NTA. Due to grace marks, the marks of two students became 718 and 719.

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