NEET: This is the 'real' topper! Fought cancer for 2 years, prepared in severe pain, passed NEET with 715 marks

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Cancer… the name of which makes even the brave tremble. A child defeated that cancer as if it was a game. Because this child not only defeated a dangerous disease like cancer but also passed the country's second most difficult exam NEET while fighting it. That too with 715 marks. That means he got only one question wrong. This child's name is Maulik Patel. Maulik's story should be read by every person who keeps crying about difficulties.

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Maulik might have scored 5 marks less in NEET 2024, but he is still a part of the NEET 2024 exam. Well She is no less than a topper. While other children have to forget everything and prepare for the exam for two years, for Maulik those two years of journey were like walking on thorns every moment. Read Maulik Patel's story in her own words…

Maulik Patel NEET: Such is Maulik's story

In an interview to the media, Maulik said, 'It was the year 2022 when this terrible storm came in my life, which I will probably never forget. I was in 11th then. Suddenly there was pain during urination. When the test was done, it was found that there was a 10 cm tumor near the bladder. After this, a biopsy was done, which revealed that I had cancer (sarcoma).'

'Within a month, I started feeling changes in myself. Severe pain during urination, weakness all the time, high fever. A month after that, the first operation took place in June 2022. Then the process of chemotherapy started. Going to the hospital for chemotherapy for 3 to 4 hours every day. By October 2022, there were three sessions of chemo. I started having constant constipation, hair on my head fell out. Pain is a different matter.'

'After this procedure, my tumor was reduced to 4 cm. During that time I also gave coaching tests to prepare for NEET. But after 2-3 months it was found that the tumor had again become 16 cm. Surgery was required again in January 2023. That year I could neither give the board exam nor NEET.'

'The second surgery took place, then the same sequence of chemo. By July 2023, 31 radiation therapies had been done. My medicines stopped in December 2023. But during all this, I did not leave my studies. I could not go to school-coaching, but kept studying online daily. I believe that- no matter what happens in life, do not give up. It is important to keep courage. You will win only when you think of winning.'

want to become a basic oncologist

Maulik is the only child of his parents. The family lives in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Now after this great success, Maulik himself wants to become an oncologist. He wants to treat the same disease which he is fighting to become a doctor.

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