NEET Rank: Those who fill the form first will get benefit in admission, also know this rule of NEET

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NEET Tie Breaker Rules in Hindi: You Well When was the UG 2024 form filled? Immediately after the application started or a few days later or at the end? You must be thinking what difference does it make? But… it does make a difference. And it can make a big difference. You may not get admission to your preferred medical seat, just because you filled the NEET form late. These things are not baseless. This is the rule of NEET. NTA itself has told about this.

Now understand this – for the first time 67 students have got full marks in NEET. That is, 720 out of 720 marks. But will everyone get admission in the same rank and on the same seat? No, right? Similarly, this year 13,16,268 students have qualified NEET 2024. Among these, there will be thousands of students whose NEET marks will be the same. So then how will it be decided who will get a higher rank? There is a rule for this.

NEET Tie Breaking: How will tie breaking happen in NEET?

If two or more students have got equal marks in the NEET exam, then who will get which NEET rank is decided on the basis of NEET tie breaker policy. There are 8 bases in this NEET tie breaking rule 2024-

  • Firstly, whoever scores more marks in Biology will get higher rank.
  • After this, whoever gets more marks in Chemistry will get the rank.
  • In the third attempt, the one who scored more marks in Physics was given a higher rank.
  • Even after this, if the marks remain the same then the student giving the least wrong answers in all subjects is given the rank.
  • Then in Biology, the one who gives less wrong answers and more correct answers will get the rank.
  • After this, in Chemistry, the one who gives less negative answers and more correct answers gets the rank.
  • After this, the person with least number of wrong answers in Physics is ranked.
  • Even after all this, if the marks of two or more candidates remain equal, then the decision is made on the basis of NEET application number (in ascending order). That is, the one who has filled the NEET application form first will get a higher rank and will get benefit in admission.

Now that NEET Result 2024 is out, it is now the turn of NEET Counselling 2024. When will NEET Counselling 2024 AIQ start for All India Quota? Its schedule will be released soon by the Medical Counselling Committee i.e. MCC on the official website.

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