Movie Review: Blackout

Ronit Kawale
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Some stories look very good on paper but by the time they reach the screen, they spread so much that it becomes difficult to contain them. Something similar has happened with the film Blackout released on OTT. Written and directed by Devang Shashin Bhavsar, this film must have been interesting at the idea level that a man sets out alone towards his destination in the darkness of the night, but such incidents and a caravan of strange people join him that his entire life changes, but in reality these incidents and characters are so absurd that not only the man but also the audience is forced to bang their heads.

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The story of 'Blackout'

The story is about Pune's sting operation expert crime reporter Lenny D'Souza (Vikrant Massey), who goes out to buy egg pav during a city-wide power outage. He does not realize that this night will change his life completely. Actually, Lenny's car collides with the robbers who are dead after looting the gold. So, Lenny's greed takes over and he loots the gold from the robbers and runs away but then a person comes under his car and dies. A drunkard (Sunil Grover) sees this and Lenny has to go with him.

Trailer for 'Blackout'

Comic punch in 'Blackout'

As the film progresses, the social media-savvy thief duo Thik Thaak (Karan Sonawane, Saurabh Gadge) also join the gang. However, this is just the beginning. Later, there is a corrupt cop, a woman politician (Chhaya Kadam), a detective (Jishu Sengupta), a beautiful girl (Mouni Roy), a gangster, a don, a list of so many characters that we not only get confused, but find ourselves perplexed. Dewang may be proud of the connections he has made between so many characters in the story of one night, but in reality, the audience gets confused while enduring this bumpy ride. Yes, some comic punches from Karan and Saurabh and Shah Rukh Khan's songs like Baadshah Main Baadshah, Chaiya Chaiya do provide some relief.

'Blackout' Cast

Talking about acting, Vikrant Massey's acting lacks the brilliance of a 12th fail. Sunil Grover overshadows him as a drunkard poet. Karan and Saurabh are also fine. But actors like Mouni Roy, Chhaya Kadam, Jisshu Sengupta, Anant Joshi have not got due importance. Overall, it would be wise not to join this ups and downs journey.

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