Modi government again in exit polls, BJP gets more seats in UP and Bengal than in 2019, amazing performance in South too

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New Delhi: According to all the exit polls, the BJP-led NDA may return with an absolute majority. However, the real results will come on June 4. According to the exit polls released after the completion of the seventh phase of elections on Saturday, the BJP will achieve an absolute majority on its own for the third consecutive time.BJP got more seats in UP than last time
Most exit polls on the 80 seats of UP are giving more seats to BJP than last time. In the last election, it had got 62 seats. India News' exit poll is giving 69 seats to NDA and 11 seats to Bharat. According to Jan Ki Baat, NDA can get 68-74 seats and Bharat can get 6-12 seats. According to Republic Bharat's exit poll, NDA can get 69-74 seats and Bharat alliance can get 6-11 seats.

NDA suffers loss in Bihar
In Uttarakhand, most exit polls are predicting BJP to win all five seats like last time. According to Jan Ki Baat, News Nation, Times Now, BJP can win all the seats. In Bihar, NDA is expected to lose some seats. According to India Today Axis My India, BJP can win 13-15 seats, JDU 9-11, LJPR 5, RLD 6-7, Congress- 1-2 seats. Jan Ki Baat has predicted 32-35 seats for NDA and Republic TV has predicted 32-37 seats.

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Clean sweep again in Gujarat
In Gujarat, most exit polls have predicted BJP to win all 26 seats. Some exit polls have predicted Congress to win 1-2 seats. In Himachal Pradesh, BJP won all four seats in the last Lok Sabha elections. Jan Ki Baat has also made the same prediction. Tom's Now has predicted Congress to win one seat. In Maharashtra, Jan Ki Baat has predicted NDA 34-41 seats, India Vs 16 seats, Republic TV has predicted NDA 29 seats, India Vs 19 seats. According to different exit polls, NDA is predicted to win 22 to 41 seats.

In Rajasthan too, BJP had to lose one or two seats
In Rajasthan, Jan Ki Baat has predicted 21-23 seats for BJP and 2-4 for Bharat, Times Now has predicted 18 seats for BJP and 7 for Bharat. In Madhya Pradesh, exit polls are predicting almost all seats to go to BJP like last time. In Chhattisgarh too, most exit polls are giving 10-11 seats to BJP. In Jharkhand, NDA is predicted to get 11-13 seats.

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BJP got more seats in West Bengal
The two-way tough fight between BJP and TMC for the 42 Lok Sabha seats of West Bengal now seems to be in favor of BJP. Most surveys are showing BJP getting more seats than TMC. In the exit poll of ABP C-Voter, BJP is estimated to get 23-27 seats, while Trinamool may be limited to 13 to 17 seats, while the Left Congress alliance may get only 1-3 seats. Some other surveys are also showing the same, India News Dynamics is giving 21 seats to BJP and 17 seats to TMC, while a similar estimate is being made from the survey of Republic Bharat Matrix. At the same time, according to Jan Ki Baat, BJP can get 21-26 seats and TMC 16-18 seats. In 2019, TMC got 22 seats and BJP got 18 seats. According to the C-Voter survey, NDA is expected to get 16 to 21 seats in the eight states of North East (Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Tripura), the opposition alliance is expected to get only 3-7 seats, while others may get 1-2 seats. In this, out of 14 seats in Assam, 10-12 seats are expected to go to the account of BJP. In News 24 survey, Chanakya survey also BJP is seen getting 12 seats in Assam.

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Congress performed better in Haryana

In Delhi, BJP can once again repeat its old performance. This time Congress will perform better in Haryana. There will be a four-cornered contest in Punjab but BJP is expected to get some seats in Punjab. Exit poll trends show that India is not getting any benefit from the alliance of Congress and Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. BJP's vote share is expected to decrease in Haryana and increase in Punjab.

News 24 Today's Chanakya exit poll is giving 6 seats to BJP and 1 seat to Congress in Delhi. In 2014 and 2019, BJP won all the seven seats in Delhi. Last time BJP won all 10 seats in Haryana, but this time in the exit poll BJP is predicted to get 6 seats and Congress 4 seats. In Punjab, AAP and Congress are fighting separately and Congress is predicted to get 4 seats, BJP 4, Aam Aadmi Party 2 and others 3 seats.

Aaj Tak-Axis My India is also giving 6-7 seats to BJP and 0-1 seats to Bharat in Delhi. In Haryana, BJP is getting 6-8 seats and Bharat 2-4 seats. In Punjab, BJP is estimated to get 2-4 seats, Congress 7-9, Akali Dal 2-3 and Aam Aadmi Party 0-2 seats. Last time in Punjab, Congress got 8, BJP 2, Akali Dal 2 and AAP got 1 seat. Times Now Presswire18 is predicting 7 seats to BJP and 3 seats to Congress in Haryana. In Punjab, AAP is estimated to get 4 seats, BJP 3-5 and Congress 4-6 seats.

BJP is strong in the South as well
The way BJP and Narendra Modi were working on Mission South to cross 400, their efforts seem to be paying off in the exit poll trends. In the South, NDA seems to be strengthening its claim, while BJP along with its allies also seems to be gaining lead. If we look at Tamil Nadu and Kerala, according to the trends, BJP seems to be gaining lead here to a great extent. It is not only succeeding in increasing the vote percentage, but to some extent it seems to be converting it into seats. Last time its account was not even opened in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Similarly, BJP, which lost the Karnataka Assembly just a year ago, seems to be repeating its performance in the Lok Sabha once again. This time it has competed with JDS here, while Congress seems to be getting better seats than last time, but in the trends, Bharat does not seem to be gaining as much as was expected. After the defeat of BRS in Telangana, both Congress and BJP seem to be gaining. In Andhra Pradesh, the alliance of BJP, TDP and Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena seems to be gaining a good lead. The anti-incumbency wave against YS Jaganmohan Reddy seems to be weighing heavily on the YSR Congress in the trends. Its seats are going to decrease. In this battle being fought on the issue of Odia pride and identity in Odisha, the BJP seems to be taking a significant lead in the trends. Somewhere it seems to be successful in cashing in on the anti-incumbency wave against Naveen Patnaik, from vote percentage to seats.

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