Ashutosh Rana used to go to watch film premieres by taxi and local train, then his wife Renuka Shahane gifted him a car

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Actor Ashutosh Rana was recently seen in the 'Murder in Mahim' series. In this, he was seen playing the role of a journalist. He has recalled his early days in an interview. He has told how he used to go by taxi or local train for the premiere of a film. Not only this, the actor also told that he gifted the first car to his wife Renuko. Although he could have bought it for himself as well, but he wanted to stay grounded, so he avoided such things. In an interview to 'Mashable India', Ashutosh Rana revealed that he had traveled by local train for the premiere of his own film 'Dushman' and later went to the venue by taxi on the advice of his guru. His guru had told him that if he did not have a car, it did not mean that he would not be a star. However, 'Dushman' was a breakout film for Ashutosh. Apart from him, Sanjay Dutt and Kajol were also in the lead roles in it.

Ashutosh Rana could not buy a car because of his guru

The actor further told that when he was nominated for a prestigious award, he asked his guru if he should buy a car right now? Because that award ceremony was going to be very big. His guru asked the actor, 'If you go by bicycle, will they not give you the award?' The actor did not say anything at that time. Then a few days later his guru himself called and asked which is the biggest car of today's time, then the actor said – Honda City. Then the guru asked him to buy it.

Renuka and Ashutosh gifted each other cars

Before Ashutosh Rana could buy that car, Renuka Shahane gifted him that car. After this, this sequence did not stop. The actor also gave a gift to his wife. Ashutosh told that he was shooting for the film 'Sangharsh'. Then Renuka came to meet him on the set. After this, the actor gifted her a Lancer car. Both of them gifted cars to each other.

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