Mirror is a true friend who tells the truth

Ananya Shroff
9 Min Read

'We see our style in the mirror, and also see if anyone is watching.' The mirror, the face looking in the mirror, the eyes looking at that face and the nature of those eyes – everything becomes clear as soon as you hear this sher (couplet) of Nizam Rampuri. Nizam sahab, a resident of Rampur, was a poet of Sufi thought, his tone was soft. I don't know after seeing whom this sher came to his mind. But, he took time to put that thought on paper, that means the thought was good as well as serious. We all are familiar with such people who look in the mirror.

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It is a human habit to look in the mirror while walking and judge oneself at that moment. We do not realize it, but this habit has gripped everyone. The shine of the mirror forces us to look at the mirror once. As if some attraction is pulling us towards it. But, it is magic that that attraction is not of the mirror, but of ourselves. Our love for ourselves.

The mirror is a medium of self-love. No one can love us more than we love ourselves. And no one can accept us 100% true as we do. The mirror shows us that and in a different way every time. It reminds us that every person is unique and every face is a story in itself. It brings out the truth within us. It shows every blemish, every wrinkle, every color of our face, without hiding or changing anything. It does not know how to sweeten the truth. Whatever is there is clear and straightforward, even if it is bitter.

Sometimes it shows us things we can't see ourselves. That's where the magic begins. South Sudanese-born and now British-born model Alek Wek says knowledge can't be bought, but you can take a mirror and see the wisdom growing in it. This wisdom grows with our experiences and our age.

The mirror gives a new vision. It shows the shortcomings so that we are inspired to do better. It highlights the qualities so that we gain confidence. Even though it is silent, it reveals everything. Its silent language connects directly to the heart. This is the quality of a true friend. A few days ago, a senior had said that a true friend is one to whom you do not need to speak anything. In friendship, the role of emotions is not of language. The mirror passes this test completely. Its silence does not bother us and the mind never gets bored of it. It becomes an equal partner in our happiness and sorrow. It smiles on seeing a smile on our face and becomes sad on seeing sadness.

Looking at ourselves in the mirror is pleasurable because it reminds us of our existence. It tells us who we are, what circumstances we are in and what we can do. By looking at our face in the mirror we can estimate our limitations. And by showing the mirror to someone we can make him aware of his reality. How often do we try to look inside ourselves? Perhaps very rarely, only when there is no other option. However, the mirror gives us that opportunity every day.

'Beauty is always looking at yourself in the mirror' – these words of Khalil Gibran tell the real importance of the mirror. If there is beauty, then a mirror is needed to appreciate it. A mirror is also needed to enhance it. Do not look in a hurry, wait a while and you can also see the soul in it. And this is the magic of the mirror that it neither has its soul nor its body, yet it is present.

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