'Manjummel Boys' in trouble, Ilaiyaraaja sends legal notice to blockbuster Malayalam film!

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Three months after its release, the blockbuster Malayalam film 'Manjummel Boys' seems to be stuck in legal trouble. Music director and Rajya Sabha MP Ilaiyaraaja has sent a legal notice on this film directed by Chidambaram. 'Manjummel Boys', released in the month of February this year, has made a net collection of Rs 141.99 crore at the Indian box office. Whereas the budget of the film is only Rs 20 crores. Ilaiyaraaja has accused 'Manjummel Boys' of copyright infringement. He issued a notice to the film's producers Soubin Shahir, Babu Shahir and Shawn Antony. The music director's legal team says that 'Manjummel Boys' has made unauthorized use of the popular song 'Kanmani Anbodu' from Kamal Haasan's film 'Guna'.

The audience appreciated the use of songs in the film.

Director Chidambaram has been praised a lot for 'Manjummel Boys', based on a true incident that happened in 2006. Interestingly, people have also appreciated the use of this song in the climax scene.

What's in Ilaiyaraaja's legal notice?

In the legal notice issued by Ilaiyaraaja, it is said that this song should be removed from the film or proper permission should be taken for it. It is said that the makers have used this song in the film without asking or without proper permission. While all its rights are reserved with Ilaiyaraaja.

Notice sent to Rajinikanth's 'Coolie' also

Just two weeks ago, Ilaiyaraaja has also issued a notice to the makers of superstar Rajinikanth's upcoming film 'Coolie'. Ilaiyaraaja has taken this step against Sun Pictures for using a part of the song 'Va Va Pakkam Va' from the film 'Thanga Magan' in the teaser of 'Coolie' without proper consent. This is also a case of copyright infringement.

Rajinikanth's 'Coolie' stuck in legal trouble before release, Ilaiyaraaja sent legal notice to the makers
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'Manjummel Boys' and Guna Caves

'Manjummel Boys' is the story of a group of friends who visit the Guna caves in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu. There, one of his companions falls into a deep gorge. The story ahead is based on friendship and survival. These caves located in Kodaikanal came into the limelight due to Kamal Haasan's film 'Guna' released in 1990. The film was shot here, after which it was named Guna Caves.

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