Fact Check: Did NIA conduct this survey to show anti-Modi sentiments? Know the truth of the viral claim

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New Delhi: All political parties are busy campaigning vigorously for the Lok Sabha elections. The first phase of voting is on April 19. Elections will be held in 7 phases and the results will be declared on June 4. However, even before the election results, a post on social media is claiming that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has conducted a survey. This survey of the country's intelligence agency is indicating a decline in the support of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). BOOM spoke to an official government source, who said that the NIA does not conduct political surveys in any way.

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What is the claim?

A Congress member on 'X' has also posted this claim with an English caption. The claim cites several key findings of the survey. These include a decline in Modi's image, the declining appeal of the Ram Mandir issue, and growing opposition from youth and women, among other points.

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Many users have also posted this claim on Facebook.

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This truth came out in fact check

Fact Check Boom contacted a central government source to ascertain the veracity of the viral claim, who confirmed that the NIA is in no way involved in conducting or releasing political surveys. “The NIA does not conduct any political surveys,” an official told Boom on request of anonymity.

Now! NIA It acts as an anti-terrorism investigation agency in India. It is mainly concerned with the investigation and prosecution of terrorism and other national security related activities. Conducting political surveys for political parties is outside the jurisdiction of the investigation agency.

Generally, private consulting agencies provide services to various parties to provide grassroots information to political leaders. For example, Wire According to a report, the BJP had hired two external election consultancy agencies last year to conduct a comprehensive survey of all Lok Sabha constituencies across the country. One of these agencies was located in Chennai and the other in Delhi.

However, political leaders did not pay much attention to the survey and described it as a routine part of general election preparations. But he also said that the decision on seat sharing with allies will be taken after the results are declared.

Apart from this, earlier this year BJP had started a campaign on NaMo app. 'Jan Mana' online survey The survey aimed to understand the views of Indian citizens and assess the performance of the ruling party ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in April 2024. The survey includes questions related to people's opinion on the governance of the ruling party, its leadership, and the performance of their local MPs.


BOOM's investigation found that the NIA does not conduct any political surveys related to elections. Currently, the NIA works as an anti-terrorism investigation agency in India. Conducting political surveys for political parties is outside the jurisdiction of the investigating agency.

(This story was originally published in 1998) Boom And republished by NBT as part of Shakti Collective.)

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