Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: Less than 48 hours left for the results of the Lok Sabha elections, everyone's heart is beating fast, preparations are complete

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New Delhi: Then the government is going to get a new system… I have heard that today is the real test of politics… Walk with a firm heart, keep an eye on your heartbeat. A match bigger than the final of the Cricket World Cup is just a few hours away. The day of celebration of the biggest festival of democracy is just a few steps away. The heartbeats of political parties have increased in preparation to decide whose penance will be successful and whose penance will remain incomplete. The results of the Lok Sabha elections will come on Tuesday, June 4. But before that, the market of speculations is hot. From the streets and neighborhoods of villages and towns to different social media platforms, everyone is asking each other. Who is coming to power in the country? Right now, the answer to this is being given only on the basis of exit poll data. But its real answer is going to come in front of the country on Tuesday. People have made special preparations to see the results of the Lok Sabha elections. Some want to see the results on the big screen, while some want to celebrate this big day with friends and family. And why not celebrate, after all a new government is going to be formed in the most beautiful democratic country of the world. The Lok Sabha elections were held in seven phases, beginning on 19 April and concluding on 1 June.

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Exit polls released

Before the results, there is a round of exit polls. Through exit polls, on the basis of surveys, it is being estimated which party is going to win in the country and which party is going to form the government. Exit polls of various agencies are saying that NDA government will return to power once again at the center. Matrix has released the exit polls of Northeast India. Inner Manipur seat of Northeast India seems to be going to Congress while Outer Manipur Lok Sabha seat seems to be going to NPF. East and West Lok Sabha seats of Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura seem to be going to BJP's account once again. Apart from this, Mizoram seat seems to be going to ZP, Meghalaya's Tura and Shillong seats to NPP, Nagaland seat to NDPP and Sikkim seat to SDF. If we talk about Assam, out of 14 seats here, 9 seats seem to be going to BJP's account and three seats to Congress' account.

NDA gets absolute majority in exit poll

In the exit polls released by various agencies and news channels regarding the Lok Sabha elections, NDA seems to be getting an absolute majority. Regarding the exit poll data, some leaders in power claim that this exit poll will prove to be absolutely accurate, while some leaders claim that after the results are declared on June 4, the seats of NDA will increase further. At the same time, opposition leaders have claimed that the exit poll data will prove to be wrong and the All India Alliance will form the government by winning more than 295 seats.

Preparations are also strong to prevent violence: Election Commission

With the voting for the Lok Sabha elections 2024 coming to an end, the Election Commission has admitted that elections should not be held in such heat. According to the commission, they have learned from this election that the elections should be over a month earlier. Along with this, the Election Commission said that paramilitary forces will be deployed in many states including West Bengal to prevent post-poll violence. Although these paramilitary forces will now be under the control of the state government, the Chief Election Commissioner expressed hope that the states will not allow any kind of violence after the elections. There has been no delay or any error in giving Form 17C to be given during voting. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar gave this information on Monday. Along with this, he said that complete videography of the counting of votes will be done. Agents of political parties have complete freedom to note the facts while sitting at the counting center. The counting of postal ballots will be done in the same way as has been done in various elections since 2019. Usually the number of postal ballots is less and their counting ends earlier.

Preparations for counting of votes on 80 Lok Sabha seats of UP complete

After the completion of the voting process in seven phases for the Lok Sabha elections, 81 counting centers have been set up in 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh for the counting of votes to be held on Tuesday and preparations for the counting have been completed. According to Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer Navdeep Rinwa, counting of votes will start at 8 am on Tuesday. A total of 851 candidates are in the fray in Uttar Pradesh, including 771 men and 80 women. Of these, the highest number of 28 candidates are in Ghosi Lok Sabha constituency and the lowest number of four candidates are in Kaiserganj. Rinwa said that 81 counting centers have been set up in 75 districts of the state. He also informed that the total voting percentage of the state in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections was 56.92 percent, which is 2.19 percent less than the 2019 figure of 59.11 percent.

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