Grow expensive avocado easily at home, know the method

Ananya Shroff
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Eating fruits helps in staying healthy and away from diseases. People include many types of fruits in their daily diet. But the powerful superfood avocado is not a part of everyone's diet, because it is very expensive in the market. Whereas eating it daily reduces weight as well as bad cholesterol deposited in the body. It also contains healthy fats, anti-aging and disease-fighting antioxidants.

After knowing the benefits of avocado, everyone wants to eat it but backs off because it affects the budget. If something similar is happening with you, then now you do not need to worry. Because we are telling you an easy way to grow this expensive fruit at home. With its help, you can plant an avocado tree and eat it after a few years.

How to grow avocado?

The avocado tree grows up to about 30 feet, so it is better to plant it in the ground rather than in a pot. This tree needs a lot of space to grow. However, if you want, you can also plant it in a grow bag. This will make your tree grow less than in the ground but it can definitely give you fruits.

Make a plant from ripe seeds

Instead of planting an avocado plant, you can also grow a plant from a ripe seed. For this, soak the seed in water overnight. Now fill a small pot or polythene with a mixture of coco peat and soil. Put the seed soaked overnight in it and cover it with soil. By watering it daily, roots will come out in a few days.

Plant in a grow bag or in the ground

Plant in a grow bag or in the ground

When the plant is ready to be planted in the ground, prepare the soil for it. For better growth of avocado, drainage soil i.e. sandy soil should be used. After planting the plant in this soil, you can add cow dung manure to meet the deficiency of nutrients. For this, dig the soil part and put cow dung manure near the root.

smoke and water

smoke and water

Avocado trees need a lot of sunlight to grow, so plant the plant in a place where it gets 7-8 hours of light. Apart from this, avocado roots like moisture, but excessive irrigation should not be done. So water when the soil starts drying. There is a risk of root rot due to excessive irrigation.

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