'Lioness, salute to this female constable', people are saying this on social media for the constable who slapped Kangana Ranaut

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A strange incident happened with Kangana Ranaut, who has traveled from Bollywood actress to politician, at Chandigarh airport today on Thursday. A female CISF constable slapped her at the airport and everyone is shocked to hear this news. Kangana, who won the Mandi seat of Himachal Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections, was leaving for Delhi and this strange incident at the airport has shocked everyone including her. The female constable was angry with Kangana's statement on farmers. She came in front of the media and said that when she gave the statement, my mother was also sitting there. Kangana has also given her reaction on this incident. Well, at this time this slapping incident has blown everyone's senses.

Kangana said, 'The incident that happened at Chandigarh airport today happened during the security check. As soon as I came out after the security check, the female security staff in the other cabin came from the side and hit me. She started abusing me and when I asked her why she was doing this, she said that she supports the farmers' movement. I am safe but I am worried about how to deal with the growing terrorism and extremism in Punjab.'

People expressed their displeasure over the actions of women security personnel

Social media users are commenting a lot on this incident related to Kangana. Many people have called this act of the female security personnel wrong. People have openly supported Kangana. A user has said – BJP MP Kangana Ranaut was slapped by CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur because she called the protesting farmers Khalistani. A disgusting way to express ideological differences, especially when you are wearing uniform. Many people have demanded immediate suspension and imprisonment of this female personnel.

'Lioness, today Kangana realized the power of farmers'

While another said- Lioness, today Kangana realized the power of farmers. Heartfelt salute to the sister. Another said- If it is about mother then the fake Jhansi Rani should have been slapped two more times.

Some said- there is a plan to attack Kangana at Chandigarh airport

Many people have condemned this incident and said the same thing that it is shameful and surprising that this act was done by CISF security personnel who are there to protect the people. This is a well planned attack against Kangana at Chandigarh airport.

Some people said- Salute to the female constable

Some people on social media have also reprimanded Kangana. One said- you should take care of your area, there is no need to worry about Punjab. Some have even saluted the female constable. Some have raised slogans of Jai Jawan Jai Kisan. Some said- the CISF security personnel who slapped Kangana should be reprimanded.

Kangana had written- I have left for Parliament

Kangana posted some pictures on her Instagram account on Thursday. With these pictures, she wrote – Delhi calling. In the second picture, she wrote – I am leaving for Parliament, Mandi's MP.

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