Indian vice-captain Hardik Pandya challenged Pakistan, said- we will hunt

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Hardik Pandya roars to victory for India. Team India will play T-20 match with Pakistan on 9th June.Matches between India and Pakistan take place only in ICC competitions.

New Delhi. As the T20 World Cup match between India and Pakistan is getting closer, the heartbeats of the players of both the teams as well as the fans are increasing. Indian team's vice-captain Hardik Pandya has openly declared that his team will enter the field with the intention of hunting Pakistan during this match. He has made this claim in Hardik Pandya's interview uploaded on the official website of BCCI. This match between India and Pakistan is to be played on June 9 at 8 pm in New York, USA.

Hardik Pandya said during this interview, 'The match between India and Pakistan has always been very exciting. There is a lot of excitement and discussion. There is a lot of emotion and enthusiasm from our side too. The fans watching the match sitting at home are 10 times more enthusiastic than us. Even when we are in the hotel before the match starts, we start feeling that there is a match with Pakistan. We are eagerly waiting for this match (India-Pakistan). I hope that during this match we will be very disciplined and as a team our only goal will be to defeat them. If we are successful in doing this, then it will be like another good day for us.'

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Hardik Pandya at 30 is compared to his 16 year old self…
During the India-Ireland match, Hardik Pandya bowled brilliantly and took the maximum three wickets. On this, Hardik said, 'I am very happy that I have started the tournament well. Because once the tournament starts, it continues. It is good when you work hard and you also get some success. Things go right for those who work hard. Go and spend time with yourself and know yourself. Support yourself because Hardik, at the age of 30 it is much easier than at the age of 16. These days are much better than those days.'

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