Laila Khan's death case: Stepfather Parvez Tak sentenced to death, court gives justice after 13 years

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The court's decision has finally come in the case of actress Laila Khan's death. The Mumbai Sessions Court has sentenced the accused of murdering the actress and her family to death. Laila's stepfather Parvez Tak was found guilty of murder and destruction of evidence. Advocate Pankaj Chavan had demanded death penalty from the court. And now after 13 years, the actress has got justice. The culprit Parvez Tak had killed 6 people, including Laila, her mother and four siblings. Parvez had buried everyone's doubts in the farmhouse. After not getting any news for a long time, her father Nadir Patel filed a missing person report with the Oshiwara police. In the complaint, Parvez Tak and his friend Asif Sheikh were accused of kidnapping.

The lawyer demanded the death penalty

Advocate Pankaj Chavan told the court that this murder was done with complete planning. He had carried out this incident with great cruelty. Six members of the same family were murdered. And the bodies were disposed of. In such a case, the culprit should be given the death penalty.

Laila Khan got justice after 13 years! Court held stepfather guilty, sentence will be pronounced on May 14
This heroine of Rajesh Khanna suddenly went missing, a skeleton was found in the farmhouse, the story of the murder will send chills down your spine

Laila Khan and her family were murdered 13 years ago.

The incident is of the year 2011, when Parvez had a dispute with Laila's mother Celina over the property of the bungalow near Igatpuri in Mumbai. Police investigation has revealed that when Parvez killed his wife, the children had seen it all. To hide his crime, he killed all the children.

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