June 2024 Important Days: Why is the month named June? Know what is going to happen in 30 days

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June Important Days 2024: The month of June is starting from today. The whole world knows the sixth month of the year as June. But have you ever wondered why it is named June? History tells us that this word is derived from the Latin month Lunius, which was named after a Roman goddess Juno (Latin name- Luno). The name by which it is known today, i.e. June.. is an English word which was taken in the 13th century through Anglo Norman Join, Junye and Juni. Now also know which are the special days in this month?

June 2024 Calendar: Important Days in June

date Day
1 June 2024 World Milk Day
1 June 2024 Global Parents Day
2 June 2024 italy republic day
2 June 2024 International Sex Worker Day
2 June 2024 Telangana Formation Day
4 June 2024 International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
5 June 2024 World Environment Day
7 June 2024 World Food Safety Day
7 June 2024 National Doughnut Day (First Friday of June)
8 June 2024 World Brain Tumor Day
8 June 2024 World Ocean Day
8 June 2024 National Best Friend Day
12 June 2024 World Day Against Child Labour
12 June 2024 National Red Rose Day
14 June 2024 World Blood Donor Day
14 June 2024 Gemini Sankranti (Mithun Sankranti)
15 June 2024 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
15 June 2024 Father's Day (third Sunday in June)
18 June 2024 Autistic Pride Day
18 June 2024 International Picnic Day
20 June 2024 World Refugee Day
21 June 2024 World Music Day
21 June 2024 International Yoga Day
21 June 2024 World Hydrography Day
22 June 2024 World Rainforest Day
23 June 2024 International Olympic Day
23 June 2024 International Widows Day
26 June 2024 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
29 June 2024 National Statistics Day
30 June 2024 World Asteroid Day

Starting with World Milk Day and Global Parents' Day on June 1, the month of June is ending with World Asteroid Day on June 30. Meanwhile, there are many important days like Telangana Foundation Day, International Yoga Day, Environment Day, Father's Day, Olympic Day.

These days are created so that people can be made aware about a particular topic or issue and its importance and specialty can be explained to the world.

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