5 year option in graduation, name of B.Sc Medical Science changed.. Know what is new in UG admission this time

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College Admission 2024 Latest News: This time admissions will be done in colleges under the new education policy. Under the new policy, the names of some courses have also been changed. Graduation has been divided into four years in the beginning. Therefore, it will be called a four-year degree program. But there will also be an option for a fifth year. Along with this, the name of BSc Medical Science has now been changed to BSc Life Science.

The new education policy is to be implemented in all educational institutions by 2025. Faridabad-based JC Bose University had implemented the new education policy last year itself. But, this policy is being implemented in the colleges affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University from this session.

UG Admission 2024: What has changed regarding subjects

The names of some courses and classes have been changed in the new policy-

  • Till now science courses were divided into medical and non-medical, but now B.Sc. Medical will be known as B.Sc. Life Science and B.Sc. Non-Medical will be known as B.Sc. Physical Science.
  • Till now Hindi and English subjects were compulsory in the class. But now students can choose any one subject from Hindi, English and Sanskrit. This has been named as Capacity Development Course.
  • Along with the four main subjects, one secondary subject also has to be selected.
  • The policy includes options for 20 to 22 minor subjects related to skill development.

Bachelor Degree Course: 5 year course option

In the new education policy, the graduation program will be of four years-

  • Students who leave studies in the first year will be given a certificate.
  • The Diploma will be awarded in the second year.
  • Students will receive a degree upon completion of the three-year program.
  • Those who complete the four-year programme will be awarded an honours degree.
  • After this, there will also be an option of Honours with Research Degree in the fifth year.

Till now, a post-graduation degree was required to pursue NET and PhD, but according to the new policy, students will be able to apply directly for PhD even after a four-year degree programme.

Nehru College Principal Dr. Ruchira said that many changes have been made under the new education policy. This time the admission process will be completed accordingly.

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