Janhvi Kapoor said such a thing about Dalit society, Gandhi and Bhimrao Ambedkar, people were stunned to hear it

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Janhvi Kapoor is soon coming with her next film 'Mr. and Mrs. Mahi' with Rajkumar Rao, whose promotion both the stars are busy these days. Actually, wherever the actor goes during any film promotion, he often shares some interesting stories related to his film or personal life. Whatever Janhvi Kapoor has said this time is surprising the listeners. Fans are surprised to hear what Janhvi has said on issues like Dalit society, Gandhi and Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Janhvi Kapoor recently spoke to 'The Lallantop', she said, 'I think it would be very interesting to see a debate between Ambedkar and Gandhi.' Janhvi was asked that if you had a time machine, which period would you like to go to? The actress said- I will tell you, but then you will not ask any other questions related to it. Janhvi said- I don't know how my words will reach the audience, but it would be very interesting to see a debate between Ambedkar and Gandhi.

The host took the conversation forward without raising any questions and said that Gandhi's and Ambedkar's views on Dalit society were quite different. Janhvi Kapoor said, 'Yes, Gandhi and Ambedkar's views were quite different. I think Ambedkar was very clear and strong from the beginning, but Gandhi's views kept evolving. There is a lot of difference between getting information about the problem of casteism in our society from a third person's perspective and living it.

Such a thing never happened in school or at home.

Jahnavi was also asked that when she was in school, was there ever any discussion on these things? Jahnavi said- Neither in my school nor in my house, there has ever been any discussion on caste.
Seeing Janhvi Kapoor talking on heavy issues like Gandhi and Ambedkar, people are now expressing their views. People said that they never thought that Janhvi would talk at this level. Now users are calling Janhvi 'beauty with brains' and are not tired of praising her.

This film of Janhvi and Rajkumar Rao is releasing on 31 May

Let us tell you that Janhvi Kapoor's film 'Mr. and Mrs. Mahi' is going to be released at the end of this month on 31st May. Janhvi will be seen opposite Rajkumar Rao in this film directed by Sharan Sharma.

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