Is it a boy or a magician? Made app in 9 years and established company in 13

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At the age of 5, Adityan got interested in learning computers.
By the time he was 9 years old, Adityan created his own app.
Adityan also established his own company in the 13th year itself.

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New Delhi. At the age when children play with toys and insist on going to the park, Adityan developed the passion to do something. At the age of 5, Adityan got interested in learning computers and it seemed that he became an expert. By the time he was 9 years old, Adityan created his own app. Not only this, at the age when children do not understand what they have to study, Adityan also started his own company in his 13th year. This story of Adityan is very inspiring.

We are talking about Adityan Rajesh, who founded a company at a young age and became the youngest CEO of the country. Adityan, originally from Kerala, created a mobile app when he was 9 years old and today he also has a company in Dubai.

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What does the app do?
Adityan created an app and started uploading other mobile apps into it. Its name was Aptoide which was the alternative platform of the app. After this, the work of making logo and website for the client started. On December 17, 2017, at the age of just 13, Adityan formed his own company by the name of Trinet Solutions.

Started learning at age 5
In an interview given to Khaleej Times, Adityan told that he started using computers at the age of 5. Adityan was born in Thiruvila, Kerala but his entire family shifted to Dubai. Adityan's father was the first to show the website BBC Typing, on which children can learn typing.

Technology replaced friends
Adityan did not have many friends and that was why he spent most of his time with technology and computers. Adityan himself tells that he was only 6 years old and spent most of his time watching cartoons on YouTube and playing games like Spelling Bee. Gradually, I started having fun with computers and technology and became obsessed with doing something new.

Created a browser like Google Chrome
Adityan created his own app Ashirwad Browser, which worked like Google Chrome, but was not as complex. After this, he along with two school friends formed a company named Trinet Solutions. Adityan says that he had already decided that by the age of 18 he would become the owner of his own company. By this age, we started working as a company and started providing our design and coding services to 12 clients.

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Adityan currently looking for funding
After this, Adityan formed another company named Tangled to establish a multinational firm. Apart from this, he is also running his own YouTube channel and blog. He recently graduated from school and is currently interning with Secure My Scholarship, where he is trying to raise funds for his company.

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