If you don't take these measures before going out in the sun, you will return home black.

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Anoop Paswan/Korba:- In summer, people need to pay special attention to their skin, because heat, humidity and sunlight damage the skin. During summer, people have to face problems like sweating, heat rash, sunburn etc. The skin specialist has given complete information about what problems can occur to the skin during summer and what can be prevented.

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While talking to PressNews24, Dr. Vivek Khandekar, Assistant Professor of Korba Medical College, said that in summer, small rashes appear on the skin, which we call prickly heat. Due to prickly heat, there is a feeling of itching all the time in the body. It appears on the body in the form of rashes or small red pimples. It appears more on the chest, underarms, hands and legs. During the summer season, special care should be taken to clean the internal parts of the body, because bacteria grow more due to sweating.

Do these measures before leaving home
He told that along with this, due to the scorching sun and UV radiation in the summer season, the moisture in the skin reduces, due to which the skin becomes dry, withered and lifeless and the skin color becomes darker or darker than normal. Is. At this time, applying sunscreen cream is considered very effective to protect the skin from sun rays. Apart from this, one should go out in the afternoon only after covering the entire skin with a cloth.

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Doctor gave tips
1. Take care of your eating habits
2. Use sunscreen
3. Rose and Cucumber Juice
4. Coconut Oil

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