IPL VIDEO: Kohli was not out… bowlers will hit him on the head tomorrow… former cricketer explained why and how

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New Delhi. Was Virat Kohli out or not out… This big controversy (Virat Kohli Beamer Controversy) happened regarding Kohli in the match between Royal Challenger Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2024. Kohli was given out on a 'beamer' in this match, due to which his fans as well as many former cricketers are very angry. Navjot Singh Sidhu is also among those veterans who believe that Kohli was not out. The former cricketer and commentator also posted a 2-minute video about this on social media and explained why Virat was not out. Virat scored 18 runs on 7 balls before getting out.

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Navjot Singh Sidhu says in this video, 'Friends! Justice means milk of milk and water of water. I am hurt. not only Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) For, but also for RCB. When you introduced a rule regarding height. So did you see that he (Kohli) was standing on his toes 6 inches higher. Did you give him an allowance of 7 inches while measuring his height? This is the first thing. Sidhu has posted this video on social media X.

So now the bowler will not apologize…
Navjot Singh Sidhu also talks about allowing the beamer (full toss ball higher than waist) to be legalized in the same video. He said, 'The biggest thing. You legalized beamer. In my times, when the ball accidentally left the bowler's hand and came above the base line and the batsman was stunned, the bowler raised both his hands and apologized. But tomorrow if someone jumps and hits him (the bowler) on the head, he will not apologise. Are you legalizing beamer?

How did the ball dip two feet…
Navjot Singh Sidhu then says, 'And the third thing. Point of impact. When the ball hits the bat, it is one and a half feet above the baseline and he (Kohli) is six inches outside the crease. What do you mean that the ball dipped two feet while going one foot forward? When in doubt, the batter should get the benefit.

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