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Madhu, the heroine of superhit films like 'Phool Aur Kaante' and memorable films like 'Roja', is going to be seen in the Bollywood film 'Kartavya Paddhanam' after a long time. It also stars Shreyas Talpade, who is seen on screen for the first time after suffering a heart attack. In a special meeting held in this connection, we learned from him what was the reason for his distance from Hindi films? How did he return? and many more? Read this special conversation:

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Even today you are looking as beautiful and fit as you did during fasting. First of all, what is the secret of this fitness?

I believe in the power of less, so first of all I eat less. Now our culture has become such that we meet all our family members and friends for lunch, dinner or tea. You keep eating even if you are not hungry, but my mantra is to eat less. Live a simple life. I follow the old rule of not eating after sunset. I also do relaxation, yoga and walking every day. It is not that you did a lot of diet or exercise for four days and then gave up when you felt tired or bored. I believe in consistency, so I keep track of my diet and workouts daily. This is the result of that.

You debuted in Bollywood with superhit films like Phool Aur Kaante. Did a hit film like Roja. Then why did she suddenly disappear from Hindi films?

Actually, I was working in five languages ​​at the same time, so sometimes I could not do many films because of dates, but I worked continuously from 1991 to 1999 and I can proudly say that I never Was not sitting idle. At home Today actors do one or two films a year. Then they have a lot of gap periods but I can't sit idle. I get nervous about it, so by the grace of God I was very busy. The system was also different at that time, we used to do all kinds of films, so I don't think I did much work in Hindi, because Tamil people also say that your Roja, Gentleman was such a big hit, but you didn't do much work. . The reason for this was that I was working in five industries simultaneously, so I got divided into five different languages. Even today, people in every industry know me for a different film. In Bollywood he is known as flowers and thorns and in Malayalam he is known as a warrior. In Kannada it is known as Anaiyya and in Telugu it is known as Allaripriyadu. Roja was a Tamil film, which later became a hit in Hindi too, so everywhere I have worked in a film which was an iconic film for that state at that time. Yes, later I decided to take a break from the industry and give time to my family.

Now how did you decide to return to Bollywood with Kartam Bhugatam?

Actually, when I took a break from the industry for a few years thinking that okay man, I don't want to act anymore. I wanted to spend time with my family, then I realized that no friend, I am an actor and will always be an actor. So, I started doing films again with that feeling, because I felt that whether I act or not, whether I get the stage or not, I will always be an actor. So, now I want to do more work. I want to stay in this industry because I love it. So, when Sohum Shah offered me Kartam Bhootam and I liked the story, I said yes to it.

Kartam Bhugatam is about astrology and planetary movements. How much do you believe in these things?

I am selective about the way astrologers describe the planets. I believe the people who say, 'Hey, something great is about to happen', because that gives me hope, but the people who say you're not having a good time right now. If you give me money so that I can do this ritual, do this puja, then I will not do this at all. I don't think anyone can tell my future accurately and anyone can change my fate by doing puja. However, I believe in destiny, I believe in the power of God or the universe but do not believe in rituals.

In that era of the 90s, actresses were mostly kept for dancing and singing as glamour. Do you believe that the position of heroines in the industry has strengthened with time?

Don't know. I did all types of roles even at that time. I started being recognized as a good actor, which was a big thing for me because when I tried to get into films, I was rejected saying that I couldn't be a good actor. I was told that she doesn't even know how to answer the phone, will she become an actor and when a child hears such a thing before starting his career, he is shocked. So, after that I came back fully prepared by learning acting, dancing, diction and when I was told that she was a good actress, I felt it was a win. I have never seen whether I am a good actor or a glamor star. I did both types of work. I have also danced wearing a short skirt and done braid tying scenes wearing a saree.

You started Ajay Devgan's career. Heartfelt feelings with them too. Later, did you keep in touch with him or anyone in the industry?

My problem is that I don't keep in touch with anyone. If there is one thing I would like to change about myself it is this habit and I am changing it. Now whoever I remember, I pick up the phone and say hello to them. If I see an old friend or acquaintance somewhere, I go and say hello to him. I am bringing these changes in myself which I did not do before. I had never been in contact with anyone before.

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