Indian woman told in Cannes that 'Made in India' is now ahead of her, simplicity enhanced the glory of saree

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Famous stars from Hollywood to Bollywood and TV industry are spreading their shine in the city of Cannes, France. Outfits of many fashion designers are being seen on the red carpet. Along with western, a beautiful collection of traditional clothes can also be seen. Meanwhile, an Indian woman has attracted everyone's attention with her attire and royal style.

Nidarshana Govani, owner of Kamla Mills, has showcased the power of 'Made in India' in her first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. Along with her saree, her jewelery is also very beautifully designed. You will be surprised to know that the neckpiece worn by Nidarshana probably has only 5 pieces in the whole world. Looking at them it seems as if they have incorporated the heritage of India within themselves. (Photo courtesy: Instagram @nidarshana_govani)

Nidarshana's beautiful saree

Like Bollywood celebrity, Nidarshana Govani also participated in the 77th Cannes Film Festival 2024 on behalf of India. At the same time, she has spread her charm with a charming style on the red carpet. She chose a yellow saree from fashion brand Gavin Miguel for her first appearance. During this time, along with presenting Indian culture, he also displayed Indian art beautifully on the foreign stage. Nidarshana was looking very beautiful in this saree.

100 weavers made sarees

In France, people saw the magic of twelve yards through the saree of the owner of Kamla Mills. The special thing about Nidarshana's dress is that it has been prepared by more than 100 weavers with excellent zardozi embroidery. The white stone embroidery on her yellow organza saree is adding shine to the outfit. She styled it with a white organza blouse with a V neckline. Like the saree, her blouse also has flowers made of zardozi embroidery.

Heritage seen in jewelery

Along with Nidarshana's outfit, her jewelery was also very unique. She added a royal touch with 118-year-old Meena Jadau jewelery from Ghan Singh's collection. Nidarshana wore a stunning Krishna Gua Navaratna necklace for the wedding. In which polka diamonds are studded. Which is one of the oldest forms of rough diamonds produced in India. It took 200 artisans and 1800 hours to make this neckpiece. Along with the necklace, Nidarshana carried a bangle in one hand and matching earrings with an expensive watch in the other hand. His overall look was showing the importance of India on foreign soil.

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