If your child has the habit of wetting the bed while sleeping, then these 4 remedies will cure it in a month.

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The problem of bed wetting is often seen in small children. Parents are very worried about the fact that their child wets the bed at night. If your child also has the complaint of bed wetting, then some tips given by pediatrician Pawan Mandaviya can be very useful for you.

Doctor Pawan has shared a video on Instagram and explained how the problem of bed wetting in children can be dealt with. First of all he told that it is absolutely normal for a child to have the problem of bed wetting till the age of 6 years. During this period you do not need to do anything. Know further what other suggestions the doctor has given to deal with the problem of bed wetting in children.

Does your child wet the bed every day?

Do not give liquids before bedtime

The doctor said that children should be given less sugary drinks, salty snacks and caffeinated food, especially in the evening. Due to their consumption, the child may have to urinate more at night while sleeping. Therefore, it would be better if you do not give all these things to the child before sleeping. If the child's bedtime is 10 o'clock, then stop giving him liquids at 8 o'clock.

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get into the habit of going to the toilet

Make it a habit for your child to go to the bathroom every two to three hours during the day. Also, advise the child to go to the bathroom just before bedtime. This will reduce the child's need to urinate while sleeping at night and also reduce the chances of bedwetting.

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go to the toilet even after sleeping

go to the toilet even after sleeping

When the child sleeps, wake him up after two hours and take him to the toilet again. Due to this, whatever water the child has drunk before sleeping will be released through urine at this time and the child will not wet the bed while sleeping.

Teach urination control techniques

Teach urination control techniques

In this you will have to teach your child the technique of controlling urination. When your child urinates, ask him to hold the urine for half an hour. This increases the child's ability to control urination and he does not wet the bed at night.

Always keep a positive atmosphere at home

Always keep a positive atmosphere at home

Some children may urinate in their sleep at night due to anxiety, mental problems, and fear or frustration. For this, you should try to improve the mental condition of your child. Keep a positive environment at home for the child. Love the child a lot and do not scold him for bed wetting. If you keep all these things in mind for a month, your child's problem of bed wetting will be cured.

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