Sanjeeda Shaikh is raising her daughter alone, said- 'Now I can do anything'

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Sanjeeda Shaikh, who came into limelight with the film Heeramandi, is a single mother in her personal life. She is divorced from actor Aamir Ali and now she is raising her daughter alone. Talking about her daughter, Sanjeeda said, 'My daughter is my strength, because of her presence I have been able to take decisions which I had never even thought of.

According to Sanjeeda, now she is stronger than before. Recently, while talking about the mother-daughter relationship, she said, “I have accepted my flaws and have now started loving myself.” So this was the story of actress Sanjeeda Sheikh as a single mother. Travel. If you too are a single mother like them, then some tips can help you in raising your child.

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start budgeting

Learn how to budget your money and keep track of your income and bills, according to HealthyChildren. If you need a job, contact employment agencies for assistance. By doing a job, you will not only be able to take good care of your child but will also be able to become self-reliant.

talk to the child regularly

Tell your children about the changes taking place in the family. Talk to children, ask about their feelings and tell them what is on your mind. Don't try to handle everything alone. You will need support from family and friends.

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take time for yourself

take time for yourself

Spend time with your children but don't forget to take time for yourself too. You can take help from someone to take care of the kids while you spend some time alone or with friends. Do the things you like. It is also important to take care of your health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy, and get enough rest so you can deal with stress better. Visit your doctor regularly.

pay positive attention

pay positive attention

Raising children Accordingly, try to respond positively to what the child says. You can respond by smiling, laughing, or even hugging her. You can also tell your child that you want to see his/her face as soon as you wake up in the morning because it makes you happy. Try to keep children happy.

make clear rules

make clear rules

Make some rules for your child and tell him why you have made these rules and why it is important for him to follow them. Rules can help everyone in your family get along better and make your family life more positive and peaceful.

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