If you get bitten by a snake or go to a dog, snake charmer or doctor, do these 3 things first, your life will be saved.

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If you get bitten by a snake or go to a dog, snake charmer or doctor, do these 3 things first, your life will be saved.

Snake-dog bite Treatment at home: In the summer season before the rainy season, snakes start coming out of their holes, and due to the heat, dogs become aggressive. In such a situation, incidents of snake and dog bites are also going to increase across the country. Although both these creatures are different, their bite is fatal. One causes rabies and the poison of the other causes death within a few hours. But the most important thing is that if you bite any of them, there are 3 such panacea remedies, which if you do them first, then your life is out of danger. Not only the people doing home remedies but also the doctors believe this.

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Therefore, whenever any incident of dog or snake bite happens around you, you can give this advice to the family members of the victim so that the life of the patient can be kept out of danger. After that, you can take the patient to the nearest hospital or community health center for treatment and get anti-venom for snake bite and rabies vaccine for dog bite free of cost.

The incidents of snake bites increase before the rainy season.

Dr. Rajesh Prajapati, Medical Superintendent of Community Health Center Baldirai, Sultanpur, says that a snake becomes volatile after biting, hence many times it is not visible after the bite. But if someone's leg or hand has round marks like two drops up and down, then it means that a snake has bitten. Although sometimes there is a mark, it has been observed that such a snake is less poisonous or not poisonous at all. Apart from this, there are also symptoms of snake bite.

Whereas a dog bite is definitely known. If bitten by a mad or rabid dog, it has some symptoms like saliva falling from the mouth, aggression in the eyes, strange sound, tail falling down. However, first aid for any of the bites is very important before reaching the hospital. Therefore, without making any mistake, do these three things first, so that the patient can come out of danger.

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If a dog bites you, it is important to wash the wound with soap and water before running to the hospital.

What are those three tasks?
, Whether bitten by a dog or a snake, first wash the area with soap and water. Try to apply soap thoroughly to that area for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it with running water.

, If a dog has bitten, do not tie a bandage on that area, rather leave it open. Even if a snake has bitten, do not tie a bandage on it, nor tie a rope or anything else on the hands and legs around it. Both the places can only be covered with clean cotton cloth so that flies and mosquitoes do not sit and dust does not enter.

, After being bitten by both a snake and a dog, do not take the patient to an exorcist, a snake charmer, a healer or a Tantrik who treats dog bites. After giving first aid to the patient, immediately take him to the hospital and keep talking to him. He neither panicked nor slept. Keep this in mind.

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