If you don't want to become deaf at the age of 30, then trust the doctor

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Nowadays, wherever you look, most people are seen wearing headphones, earphones or pods. Some people use them to listen to songs, while some use them to watch movies or shows. But this small habit can push you towards deafness at an early age.
Dr. Deepak Murthy, ENT Consultant, Manipal Hospital Goa It was told that excessive use of headphones or listening to songs at high volume can cause deafness.

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three parts of the ear

Our ears are made up of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. All three have their own functions in hearing and balance.

outer ear: The part of the outer ear that we can see is called the pinna and earlobe. It collects sound waves and transmits them to the eardrum.

middle ear: This part is just behind the eardrum, it contains three small bones that amplify sound vibrations and transmit them to the inner ear. Otitis media can occur here due to cold and infection.

inner ear: This part is very important for both hearing and balance. It contains the cochlea, which has hair-like cells that transmit sound vibrations to the brain. It also contains the vestibular system, which helps us maintain balance.

Which part gets damaged how?

While the middle ear is most affected by colds and infections, loud noises can damage the inner ear. Loud noises can damage the cells inside the cochlea. These cells are vital for hearing and once damaged, they cannot be repaired.

Symptoms of ear damage

Symptoms of inner ear damage include fullness in the ears, tinnitus (ringing sound in the ears), and dizziness.

How is the investigation done?

Hearing loss is diagnosed by an audiogram. This test measures how loudly a person can hear different frequencies and sounds. This gives information about the extent of hearing loss.

How to prevent deafness?

To avoid deafness, we should stay away from loud noises. Take care of the volume while using earphones or headphones. Ear protection measures like earplugs or earmuffs should always be used in noisy environments like concerts or factories. Many ear devices come with a certain amplification level for safety so that the ears are not damaged. These guidelines should be followed to keep the ears safe.

Treatment of deafness

There are many ways to treat deafness. Certain vitamins are good for ear health and may help restore hearing. In some cases, steroids are given to reduce inflammation and help with healing. If deafness has become permanent, hearing aids or similar devices may be recommended.

Overall, the ear is a complex organ whose various parts work together to help us hear and maintain balance. To keep ears healthy, avoid loud noises, use ear protection methods and follow safety rules for hearing aids. If you experience hearing loss, consult a doctor as soon as possible and get the right treatment.

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