If you do not take this one thing after delivery, then the condition will worsen due to UTI, constipation and weakness

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Childbirth is a tiring process, after which it is common for women to feel tired and weak. Women are advised to take special care of themselves for a few days after delivery, but it is often seen that the elderly women of the house ignore the doctor's advice and do not allow women to follow the doctor's instructions after delivery.

Dr. Shefali, a gynecologist at Shri Krishna Neurospine and Multispeciality Hospital in Bikaner, Rajasthan, has shared a similar video on her Instagram in which the advice she is giving to a woman after delivery is being opposed by her aunt. Know what advice the doctor has given to the woman and why one should not follow the advice of elderly women in the house.

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What is important to take after delivery?

What to do after delivery

After the delivery, the woman who came to Dr. Shefali told her that she was feeling dizzy and weak. On this, the doctor asked her to drink water but her aunt standing near her refused. Why did it happen that she was refused to drink water which is considered nectar for the body?
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will rise above the water

In the video, the aunty is seen telling the new mother that if she drinks water after delivery, her stomach will become bigger. Many times the women of the house give such advice to new mothers. On this, Dr. Shefali has told why a new mother should drink 10 to 15 glasses of water every day.

There will be diseases

There will be diseases

Dr. Shefali told that if you do not drink enough water after delivery, it can lead to UTI, constipation, dehydration and extreme weakness. Therefore, water is Amrit. You should start drinking it immediately after delivery so that your body can get strength and necessary nutrition.

Not drinking water will cause weakness

Not drinking water will cause weakness

Strauss-Water Dr. says that when you do not take enough fluids, it can make you feel tired, your mood can deteriorate and your concentration can also decrease. All these things will affect your breastfeeding. Therefore, it is better that you drink enough water and follow the doctor's advice.

It is essential for breastfeeding

It is essential for breastfeeding

eat right According to WHO, breastfeeding women must drink water. This not only fulfills their fluid needs but also fulfills the needs of their baby. If you are also a new mother, then drink 16 cups of water throughout the day. This is very important for you and your baby.
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