'I am really speaking Aamir', when the actor called Pradeep Rawat's house at midnight, got scolded by his sister

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That day, when Aamir Khan called actor Pradeep Rawat's house at midnight, his sister scolded him. Pradeep Rawat's sister could not recognize that it was Aamir on the phone. Pradeep Rawat has shared this story in a recent interview. This was the time when Pradeep Rawat was offered a role in 'Lagaan'. Pradeep Rawat, who came into limelight by playing the role of villain in 'Ghajini', told that Aamir had called his home landline at midnight to give him the role of Deva in 'Lagaan', which was picked up by his sister. Conversation with Siddharth Kanan. Pradeep Rawat also told that the role of Deva in 'Lagaan' was first offered to actor Mukesh Rishi. But he could not do so and then Pradeep Rawat was signed at the last moment. Pradeep Rawat was asked whether Mukesh Rishi had rejected the role of Deva in 'Lagaan'?

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Mukesh Rishi was doing 'Lagaan', so he had to leave the film.

In response to this, Pradiv Rawat said, 'At that time Mukesh Rishi had six South films and he was not able to adjust the dates of those films for Lagaan. That's why he had to leave 'Lagaan'. At that time Aamir Khan Productions wanted a lot of dates simultaneously. Since Mukesh Rishi couldn't do it, I was the next option. I had 'Sarfarosh' with him. Aamir liked my role of Sultan in it very much.

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Aamir called at midnight

Pradeep Rawat further told about the incident when Aamir Khan called him at midnight to offer him the role, 'My sister picked up the phone and couldn't believe that it was Aamir. He said, 'Why are you bullying?' He said, 'I am really saying Aamir Khan, what Pradeep ji? My sister could not believe that he was really Aamir Khan.


Pradeep Rawat in the film Lagaan, Photo: Social Media and YouTube

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family members stayed awake all night

According to Pradeep Rawat, after this Aamir gave the phone to Umashankar Pathak, who was one of the writers of 'Sarfarosh' and came to Pradeep's house. Then Umashankar told Pradeep Rawat's sister that it was indeed Aamir Khan on the phone. Pradeep Rawat said, 'He told his sister to tell me to go to Aamir's office in the morning and sign the contract there and take the cheque. When I reached home at 3 pm after the shooting, everyone was awake. They were all excited because Aamir Khan had called.

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Thanks to Mukesh Rishi

Pradeep Rawat is still grateful to Mukesh Rishi for leaving 'Lagaan'. If he had not done this, Pradeep Rawat would never have been able to be a part of 'Lagaan'.

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