From Mangalsutra, Mujra to Vote Jihad… Sixth phase is over, language limits broken in 2024 elections.

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New Delhi : They will snatch your mangalsutra… They are doing mujra for Muslim votes… Will Modi remain immortal till 2047? May this country get rid of Shani on 4th June. Defeat the Sanghi government by silently doing vote jihad. These are some statements made by the leaders of various parties during the election campaign. Now only the last phase of voting is left in the Lok Sabha elections. During the six phases of election campaign that are ending, many controversial statements have been heard from the leaders of both the ruling and opposition parties. In this, prices are being demanded from mujra to votes for the Chief Minister. Not only this, statements like ending the jobs and voting rights of people coming from other states in a state were also made. Not only this, the candidates did not refrain from attacking during the elections. Questions are also being raised as to why someone's wife does not live with him

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Mujra to please the vote bank

I want to declare on the soil of this state that I will foil the conspiracy of the 'Bharat' alliance to snatch the rights of SC, ST and OBC and give it to Muslims. They can remain slaves and do 'Mujra' to please their vote bank.
Prime Minister Modi at a public meeting in Bihar

will snatch the mangalsutra

What the Congress has said in its manifesto is worrying. They will take account of the gold of mothers and sisters. PM Modi said that mothers and sisters, they will not let even your mangalsutra survive, they will snatch that too.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi during an election rally

PM Modi will remain alive till 2024

He says that Maa Ganga has called him, he is talking about the year 2047, he will remain Sanatan even then… People drown themselves somewhere in the sea, somewhere in Ganga, sometimes they go to Goa, sometimes they do tapasya alone, then it is not known whether they are going to get the fruits of that tapasya or not.
Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress President

Hanging out with Ramdrohi

Rahul Gandhi's party, which roams around carrying the traitor of Ram in its lap, had hired a lawyer in the Supreme Court and given an affidavit that Ram is imaginary, but they did not know that today Modi will come and build the Ram temple in accordance with the law.
Virendra Sachdeva, Delhi BJP President

what is your price?

Mamata Banerjee, what is your worth? If you are given Rs 8 lakh, you give jobs. If you are given Rs 10 lakh, you give jobs. Ration should be taken to another country… is this worth Rs 10 lakh to you?
Abhijit Gangopadhyay, BJP candidate Tamluk

called the opposition party a 'drug addict'

Congress government is a drug addict, a fanatic, a Dadhmas and a Chetkani. If you don't give 500 bonus, we will kill you by slitting your throat…
Chandrasekhar Rao, Former CM of Telangana

No job, right to vote

People from UP and Bihar should not be allowed to get jobs and build houses in Punjab. They did not stop here. They should not even be given the right to vote in Punjab. These people will take over Punjab and destroy Punjabi culture.
Sukhpal Singh Khaira, Congress candidate Sangrur, Punjab

He who cannot keep his wife with him

It is meaningless for a man who could not keep his wife to talk about women power. You are married and you left your wife.
Ajay Rai, Congress candidate, Banaras

15 seconds…Owaisi brothers will not be found

Remove the police for 15 seconds, Owaisi brothers will not even know where they came from and where they went. There is a younger and an elder brother. The younger one says remove the police for 15 minutes, then we will show what we can do. I tell the younger one that it will take you 15 minutes and we will take only 15 seconds.
Navneet Rana, BJP candidate

You will be freed from Saturn!

Whether the rooster crows or not, the morning sun will definitely rise and Gautam (Congress Kolar Lok Sabha candidate – KV Gautam) will definitely win. Congress will definitely win in Karnataka. Modi sahab, we are waiting for June 4, so that we can get rid of the Saturn that is troubling this country.
K.R. Ramesh Kumar, former speaker of Congress

Vote Jihad

A person should first understand his status and position. (Because) now only victory and defeat are left for us. If we still do not unite, then understand that this Sanghi government is trying to wipe us out from here, you will work to make it successful. You will work to make its plans successful. So fight together for votes very wisely, without any hurry, very peacefully. Because we can only fight for votes and defeat this Sanghi government.
Maria Alam Khan, niece of Congress leader Salman Khurshid

Ravana arrived wearing saffron clothes

He said, “He (CM Yogi) calls himself a saint and wears saffron clothes. When Ravana came to steal Sita ji, he also came wearing saffron clothes. It is wrong to support wrong policies by wearing saffron.”
Nana Patole, State Congress President, Maharashtra

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