From getting glowing skin to digestive system, this fruit is a panacea for everything; Full of vitamins and iron

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Rishabh Chaurasia/Lucknow: As soon as summer arrives, many types of seasonal fruits become available in the market. These are not only refreshing. Rather, they are also extremely beneficial for our health. These include popular fruits like mango, litchi, watermelon and melon. Whereas, Jamun is also a special fruit in this season, whose black color and sweet taste not only make it special. Rather, it helps in keeping the body hydrated and healthy during the summer season.

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Professor Makhanlal, Principal and Dean of Lucknow Government Ayurvedic College, who has been working in the Ayurvedic Institute for the last 20 years. He told that consumption of blackberries in the summer season not only provides freshness and relaxation. Rather it is full of health benefits. This juicy fruit not only reduces thirst. Its regular consumption strengthens immunity, which prevents many diseases. The properties present in blackberries are helpful in keeping your skin hydrated and providing relief from constipation and heart problems.

skin becomes shiny
Being an excellent source of Vitamin C and iron, this fruit increases the hemoglobin count. Whereas iron works as a blood purifier. Jamun is rich in astringent properties, which protects the skin from blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and acne. Moreover, the Vitamin C content helps in purifying the blood thereby making your skin glow.

Helps in keeping the digestive system cool
Jamun can be helpful in treating digestive disorders. Its properties help in keeping the body and digestive system cool. It also provides relief from constipation. Antibacterial properties in jamun are helpful in protecting teeth from oral infections and bacteria. Jamun is used to strengthen teeth and gums. Its leaves are astringent, which is considered best for throat problems.

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