Fake tourist guides are making people crazy in Nainital, be careful lest you become a victim

Ronit Kawale
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Most of the tourist places in the country are crowded during the summer season. And among these, places like Mussoorie, Nainital, Shimla come the most. If we talk about Nainital, this place is also filled with tourists mostly during weekends and summers. Due to the scorching heat in the plains, people come to enjoy the Lake City. Now meanwhile, the most fun comes from fake guides, who fool the people coming from India and abroad the most. Let us tell you that since the beginning of the season, fake guides have become quite active in the city. In such a situation, from Tallital, Mall Road to Cheena Baba intersection and other places, fake guides are misleading and taking huge commission by booking. hotel. If you are going to Nainital then first know how to avoid fake guides here.

forced information

Not only Nainital, if you go to any destination in India, you will find someone there who will talk to you on any topic. And you feel that he has information, which is why you start talking to him more. In such a situation, even after talking to you for 10 minutes, he starts talking to you about money and when you refuse him or say that we did not ask you to tell us the information! They do not accept this and forcefully pursue you and in the end you have to pay money. Try to take only necessary information from unknown people.

Get a guide from a knowledgeable travel agency

If you want to take a guide for that place, then while booking a hotel etc., definitely check the guide option on that site. But it is not limited to this, also know some reviews or ratings about the guide, this helps in getting information about their background. Apart from this, try to know some other things by talking to the guide beforehand. Like what they do, how much experience they have, how much they charge, do they charge any extra fees etc.

Hotel guides also bother you

Hotel guides also bother you

If you come across any hotel guide who is charging you a huge amount for booking a hotel, then try not to fall into the trap of such people. Get ahead with your hotel booking options. Otherwise, you will not even know when such people empty their account. Even if a guide is telling you about the hotel, then first take the rate and all the information from him, like how much will be extra charged in the hotel, payment has to be made only to the hotel, no payment has to be made anywhere else etc.

travel slip fraud guide

travel slip fraud guide

Guides can be of all types, if you want to buy a ticket to travel somewhere, then they come there too, twist your mind and go away after looting the money in some way or the other. If you are booking tickets for any place then try to adopt shortcuts, it is best to buy tickets directly from the counter, in the pursuit of shortcuts you can lose your money by falling prey to such guides. If someone tells you about an enticing way to save time or offer a discount, first ask why they have this offer and whether anyone else has received a slip from them.

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