Exit Poll 2024: Prediction proved correct 65 times… Axis My India's Pradeep Gupta reveals his track record

Ananya Shroff
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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other opposition leaders have rejected the results of the exit polls of the Lok Sabha elections. Meanwhile, Axis My India Chairman and MD Pradeep Gupta has presented the track record of his company. He said, 'Axis My India has been conducting exit polls continuously for the last 10 years. We have conducted exit polls in 69 elections including 2 Lok Sabha elections. Our predictions have proved correct 65 times.' Gupta further said, 'As far as credibility is concerned, those who are raising questions should look at our track record, they will be satisfied.' Commenting on Rahul Gandhi's statement, he said, 'The results will come on June 4. I think Rahul Gandhi will also be happy to know that Axis My India will be proved right once again.'

Rahul calls exit polls 'Modi media polls'

While talking to the media, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said, 'This is not an exit poll. Its name is 'Modi Media Poll', this is Modi ji's poll, this is his fantasy poll.' On the question of how many seats the Bharat Gathbandhan will get in the Lok Sabha elections, he said, 'You have heard Sidhu Moosewala's song, we will win 295 seats.'

Sonia Gandhi hopes that the results will be different from the exit polls

Congress Parliamentary Party President Sonia Gandhi has expressed hope that an all-India coalition government will be formed at the Centre. On Monday, Sonia Gandhi said that she hopes that the election results will be completely opposite to the exit polls. On Monday, Sonia Gandhi had come to pay tribute to former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi on his birth centenary. After paying tribute to Karunanidhi, when she was asked about the election results and government formation, she asked to wait for the results on June 4. Sonia said that she hopes that the election results will be completely opposite to the exit polls. The exit polls have predicted an edge for the NDA. Earlier, the Congress party has said that exit polls are just a way to create psychological pressure. In 2004, all the exit polls had given a majority to the Vajpayee government, but the government was formed by the UPA alliance.

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